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6 Best Moments from We’re the Millers Movie


Title: We’re the Millers

Release Date: 07/08/2013

Genres: Comedy, Crime


“We’re the Millers” is a hilarious comedy film released on July 8, 2013. The movie revolves around a down-on-his-luck drug dealer named David Clark, played by Jason Sudeikis, and his elaborate plan to smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, “We’re the Millers” combines elements of comedy and crime to create an entertaining and wild ride. The story begins with David, a small-time marijuana dealer living in Denver.

One day, he is robbed of his cash and drugs, leaving him indebted to his supplier, Brad Gurdlinger, played by Ed Helms. In order to repay his debt, David reluctantly agrees to smuggle a large shipment of marijuana from Mexico.

To avoid suspicion at the border, David concocts a plan to pose as a typical American family on a vacation. He recruits a group of misfits to play his family, including Rose O’Reilly, played by Jennifer Aniston, as his “wife,” Casey Mathis, played by Emma Roberts, as his “daughter,” and Kenny Rossmore, played by Will Poulter, as his “son.” Reluctantly, they agree to join him on the journey, and together they become the Millers.

The Millers set off on their adventure in an RV, traveling through picturesque landscapes and encountering various comedic and unexpected situations along the way. Their road trip takes them through scenic towns, desert highways, and eventually, to the Mexican border.

As they navigate their way, they encounter a series of comedic mishaps, including a run-in with a dangerous drug lord, a hilarious encounter with a fellow RV traveler, and a dysfunctional family camping trip. Throughout their journey, the Millers gradually bond and learn the true meaning of family.

One of the key themes explored in “We’re the Millers” is the concept of family and what it truly means. Despite being a group of strangers, the Millers embark on an unconventional adventure that brings them together and allows them to form genuine connections.

They learn to rely on each other, support one another, and ultimately protect each other, proving that family can be found in the most unlikely places. Another important theme in the film is the idea of identity.

Each character in the Millers has their own personal struggles and insecurities, and through their shared experience, they gain a sense of self-acceptance and learn to embrace who they truly are. As the Millers reach the Mexican border, their mission becomes increasingly complicated, culminating in a hilarious and chaotic showdown with the law and a Mexican drug cartel.

With quick thinking and the unity of their makeshift family, they manage to overcome the obstacles and successfully complete their smuggling operation. “We’re the Millers” is a comedy-filled adventure that offers plenty of laughs and unexpected twists.

With its engaging plot, likable characters, and amusing situations, the film provides an entertaining escape into a world of outrageous humor and unconventional relationships. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, your chosen family can be just as important as your blood relatives.

So buckle up and get ready for a raucous and heartwarming journey with the Millers.

6 Best Scenes from We’re the Millers

Pivotal Scene 1: David recruits a fake family to help him smuggle drugs across the border. In this scene, David Clark, a small-time drug dealer, comes up with an elaborate plan to smuggle drugs into the United States.

To avoid suspicion at the border, he decides to pose as a family on a vacation. He recruits a stripper named Rose, a homeless girl named Casey, and a nerdy teenage boy named Kenny to play the roles of his wife and children.

This scene is significant as it sets the tone for the entire plot of the film. It establishes the main characters and their motivations, while also introducing the idea of a fake family.

By bringing together these misfit characters, the audience gets a glimpse of the chaos and humor that will ensue throughout the movie. It also highlights David’s resourcefulness and quick thinking as he devises a plan to outsmart law enforcement.

Furthermore, this scene acts as the catalyst for the events that follow. It kickstarts the mission of smuggling drugs across the border and foreshadows the challenges and obstacles that the Millers will face as they embark on this dangerous journey.

Without this pivotal scene, there would be no movie, as it sets the main plot in motion and establishes the dynamics between the characters. In summary, the recruitment of the fake family is a crucial moment in “We’re the Millers” as it establishes the main characters, their motives, and launches the plot of the movie.

It introduces the humor and chaos that will be prevalent throughout and sets the stage for the Millers’ hilarious and perilous adventure.

Word count: 264 words.

Pivotal Scene 4: The Millers get involved in a high-speed car chase with a group of angry Mexicans. After successfully smuggling drugs across the border, the Millers encounter a group of angry Mexicans who believe they stole their drugs.

In a desperate attempt to escape, the Millers find themselves in a thrilling high-speed car chase. They maneuver through narrow streets, narrowly avoiding collisions, and use their wit and resourcefulness to outsmart their pursuers.

This scene is crucial as it showcases the Millers’ ability to think on their feet and work together as a team. It brings a sense of danger and adrenaline to the film, raising the stakes for the characters and heightening the suspense for the audience.

Additionally, the car chase demonstrates the Millers’ resilience and determination to protect each other and stay alive, despite being thrown into a dangerous situation. Pivotal Scene 5: The Millers successfully infiltrate a drug cartel to retrieve stolen money.

In an effort to reclaim stolen money, the Millers decide to infiltrate a drug cartel. They disguise themselves as employees and use their fake family dynamic to gain access to the cartel’s headquarters.

Amidst the chaos and unexpected obstacles, they manage to retrieve the money and make a narrow escape. This scene is significant as it showcases the Millers’ ability to adapt and work together under pressure.

It highlights their resourcefulness and showcases their growth as a family, as they rely on each other’s strengths and overcome their individual weaknesses. Moreover, the success of the infiltration demonstrates their determination and persistence, as well as their commitment to completing their mission.

Pivotal Scene 6: The Millers reconcile with each other and decide to stay together as a family. After facing numerous challenges and dangers, the Millers find themselves at a crossroads.

They have successfully completed their mission and have the opportunity to part ways. However, after reflecting on their journey and the bond they have formed, they decide to reconcile with each other and choose to stay together as a family, despite their initially fake relationship.

This scene is emotionally significant as it showcases the growth and development of the Millers’ relationships throughout the film. It emphasizes the importance of loyalty, trust, and support within a family unit, even one that was initially formed under false pretenses.

It provides a heartwarming conclusion to the movie as the characters realize that their time together has transformed them into a true family, willing to face any challenges that come their way. In summary, these pivotal scenes in “We’re the Millers” highlight the Millers’ ability to adapt and work together in challenging situations.

They showcase the characters’ growth, resilience, and the development of their relationships. These scenes raise the stakes and add depth to the film’s narrative structure, allowing the audience to emotionally connect with the characters and root for their success.

Word count: 445 words.