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6 Best Moments from We Can Be Heroes Movie


Title: We Can Be Heroes

Release Date: 25/12/2020

Genres: Family, Action, Fantasy, Comedy


“We Can Be Heroes” is an action-packed family film that takes viewers on a thrilling adventure filled with superheroes, epic battles, and meaningful life lessons. Set in a world where superheroes exist, the story follows a group of young children who must step up and save their parents, who are also superheroes, from an alien invasion.

The movie opens with a glimpse into a world protected by a league of extraordinary superheroes. The eponymous heroes, including Miracle Guy, Tech-No, and A Capella, use their unique powers to keep the world safe.

However, when an alien race known as the “Aliens of Steel” invades Earth, the superheroes are captured, leaving the fate of the planet in the hands of their children. The setting primarily takes place in a secret government facility known as the Heroics Headquarters.

This high-tech facility serves as a training ground for the children of superheroes, where they learn to harness their own powers and follow in their parents’ footsteps. The children come from diverse backgrounds and possess a range of abilities, from super strength to invisibility, making the team a force to be reckoned with.

The main character of the film is Missy Moreno, the daughter of Miracle Guy and an enthusiastic and determined young girl. Alongside Missy, we meet other young heroes, including Wheels, Guppy, Slo-Mo, Rewind, and Noodles, each with their own powers and unique personalities.

With the guidance and support of their caretaker and former superhero, Missy’s grandma, they embark on a series of intense training sessions in order to rescue their parents and save the world. As the children delve deeper into their training, they realize that being a hero is not solely about possessing powers, but also about the values of teamwork, bravery, and self-belief.

Through countless challenges and obstacles, they learn the importance of stepping up, overcoming their fears, and finding their own inner strength. The film explores themes of family, friendship, and the power of unity.

It highlights the bond between parents and children, demonstrating how love and support can inspire extraordinary feats. The young heroes learn that they are more than capable of facing adversity and that true strength lies in their willingness to come together, utilize their individual talents, and work as a team.

Filled with thrilling action sequences and heartwarming moments, “We Can Be Heroes” combines humor, adventure, and a touch of fantasy to create an entertaining experience for audiences of all ages. The movie not only showcases the exciting world of superheroes but also provides a positive and empowering message about courage, resilience, and the potential that lies within each individual.

Overall, “We Can Be Heroes” is a captivating and engaging family film that encourages viewers to embrace their inner hero and believe in their ability to make a difference. It is a celebration of the power of imagination, teamwork, and the indomitable spirit of youth.

So gather the family, prepare for excitement, and join these young heroes on their exhilarating journey to save the day!

6 Best Scenes from We Can Be Heroes

1. The introduction of the main characters with their unique powers and backgrounds:

In this pivotal scene, the audience is introduced to the main characters of the movie, each possessing extraordinary superpowers.

The scene starts with a montage of different cities around the world being attacked by mysterious aliens. Amidst the chaos, we are introduced to Linus, a young boy with the power to control technology; Guppy, an eight-year-old girl with telepathy; Wheels, a wheelchair-bound genius who can manipulate electromagnetic fields; and Noodles, a young girl with the ability to stretch her body.

Each character is seen in their respective cities, using their powers to protect innocent bystanders from harm. This scene is significant as it sets the foundation for the movie’s superhero team and establishes the unique powers and backgrounds of each character.

It creates anticipation and excitement for the audience as they witness the incredible abilities and individual strengths of the heroes. Additionally, it serves as the starting point for the main conflict of the movie – the alien invasion.

The introduction of the heroes in this scene creates an emotional connection between the audience and the characters, eliciting empathy and support for them as they face the impending threat. 2.

The conflict between the heroes and the alien invasion, showcasing their teamwork and abilities:

In this pivotal scene, the heroes, along with their newfound allies, come face to face with the alien invaders. The scene starts with an intense battle between the two sides, with the heroes utilizing their unique powers to fend off the aliens.

Linus controls nearby drones to launch attacks, Guppy communicates with the team using telepathy to coordinate their actions, Wheels uses electromagnetic fields to create force fields and manipulate metal objects, and Noodles stretches her body to attack and defend. This scene is significant as it showcases the heroes’ impressive teamwork and abilities, highlighting their growth and development as a cohesive unit.

Their synchronized movements and seamless coordination demonstrate their formidable strength and effectiveness in combating the alien invasion. Moreover, this scene propels the plot forward by escalating the conflict and raising the stakes.

The heroes’ determination and resourcefulness inspire hope and excitement in the audience as they witness the protagonists’ valiant efforts to protect their cities and the innocent lives at stake. 3.

The revelation of a hidden traitor among the heroes, leading to a tense confrontation:

In this pivotal scene, the heroes discover that one of their own has been secretly working with the aliens, serving as a double agent. Tensions rise as suspicion falls on each character, leading to a tense confrontation.

The room is filled with accusations and heated discussions as the heroes try to uncover the traitor’s identity. Trust is shattered, and alliances are threatened, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and betrayal.

This scene is significant as it introduces a major plot twist and adds depth to the narrative. The revelation of a hidden traitor among the heroes adds complexity and unpredictability to the story, challenging the audience’s assumptions and forcing them to reevaluate their perception of the characters.

It explores themes of loyalty, trust, and the consequences of one’s actions. Additionally, this scene sets the stage for the heroes to come together and confront the traitor, testing their unity and resilience as a team.

The intense emotions and conflicts arising from the revelation enhance the overall tension and excitement of the movie’s climax, propelling the plot towards its resolution. 4.

The emotional journey of the heroes as they overcome their own insecurities and doubts:

In this pivotal scene, the heroes face personal challenges and confront their own insecurities and doubts. Linus, who has always felt overlooked and underestimated due to his young age, must find the confidence to step up and lead the team.

Guppy, who struggles with self-doubt, must believe in her own abilities and trust in her telepathic powers. Wheels, haunted by his physical limitations, must overcome his fear and embrace his inner strength.

Noodles, plagued by feelings of inadequacy, must learn to embrace her unique abilities and realize her worth. This scene is significant as it deepens the character development and explores the internal struggles of the heroes.

It creates a relatable and empathetic connection with the audience as they witness the protagonists overcoming their personal obstacles and finding strength within themselves. The emotional journey of the heroes adds layers to their individual stories and enhances the overall thematic message of the movie, highlighting the power of self-acceptance and personal growth.

5. The epic final battle against the aliens, where the heroes come together to save the day:

In this pivotal scene, the heroes face their ultimate challenge as they engage in an epic final battle against the aliens.

The battle takes place in a sprawling cityscape, with the heroes using their unique powers and working as a team to fight off the overwhelming alien forces. Linus utilizes his technological prowess to disable the aliens’ defenses, Guppy uses her telepathy to coordinate the team’s movements, Wheels constructs intricate machinery to aid in the battle, and Noodles demonstrates her flexibility and strength in combat.

This scene is significant as it serves as the climax of the movie, bringing all the storylines and character arcs to a thrilling resolution. The epic battle showcases the heroes’ growth, determination, and bravery as they put their lives on the line to protect humanity.

The intense action and suspenseful sequences keep the audience on the edge of their seats, captivating them with the spectacle and excitement. Additionally, this scene reinforces the themes of teamwork, unity, and the power of individuals coming together for a common cause.

6. The heartwarming conclusion, with the heroes receiving recognition and appreciation from their loved ones and the world:

In this pivotal scene, the heroes are celebrated and honored for their heroic actions.

Their loved ones, along with the grateful citizens of the world, gather to express their appreciation and admiration for the heroes’ selfless acts. The heroes, overwhelmed with emotion, share heartfelt moments with their families and friends, expressing gratitude and love.

This scene is significant as it provides a satisfying conclusion to the movie, rewarding the heroes for their sacrifices and efforts. It emphasizes the impact that their acts of heroism have on the world and the people they care about.

The heartwarming moments evoke a sense of hope and joy, leaving the audience with a positive and uplifting feeling. Furthermore, it reinforces the movie’s underlying message of the importance of love, support, and the power of human connection.