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6 Best Moments from Trolls World Tour Movie


Title: Trolls World Tour

Release Date: 11/03/2020

Genres: Family, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Music


Trolls World Tour takes viewers on an electrifying musical adventure that expands the colorful and vibrant world of the Trolls. In this sequel to the 2016 hit film, we join familiar characters Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick) and Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake) as they discover that their colorful troll world is much bigger and more diverse than they ever imagined.

The story begins when Poppy, the eternally optimistic Queen of the Pop Trolls, learns from a mysterious message that there are six different troll tribes, each dedicated to a distinct genre of music. These tribes include Funk, Country, Techno, Classical, Rock, and Pop.

Each tribe is safeguarding a magical musical string that represents their unique sound and power. Motivated to bring unity and harmony to their world, Poppy embarks on a journey with Branch and their friends to visit the other troll tribes, spreading hope and goodwill.

Their aim is to share their own pop music and encourage the other trolls to appreciate and embrace their differences. As they venture through the vast and diverse lands, the film introduces viewers to an enchanting array of settings.

From the funky and neon-lit streets of the Funk Troll city to the cowboy-hat-wearing Country Trolls and the futuristic Techno Trolls, each tribe has its own distinct visual style and musical flair. The contrasting landscapes and vibrant characters provide a feast for the eyes and keep the adventure fresh and exciting.

Along the way, Poppy and her friends encounter a variety of intriguing characters. They meet Queen Barb of the Rock Trolls (voiced by Rachel Bloom), a powerful and determined troll who believes rock music should reign supreme.

There’s also King Quincy and Queen Essence of the Funk Trolls (voiced by George Clinton and Mary J. Blige), who have guarded their musical string for centuries.

These colorful characters add depth to the story and create dynamic interactions that highlight the film’s central theme of celebrating diversity and individuality. With each encounter, Poppy and her friends discover the rich musical heritage of each tribe, experiencing a breathtaking array of performances that showcase different music genres.

From epic rock anthems to soulful ballads, the film features a toe-tapping soundtrack that will have audiences singing and dancing in their seats. However, as the journey progresses, tensions rise and the threat of division looms larger than ever.

Queen Barb’s relentless pursuit of rock dominance puts the unity of the troll world in jeopardy. Now, Poppy and her friends must find a way to bridge the gap between the tribes and save their world from destruction.

Trolls World Tour is a heartwarming and visually stunning film that celebrates the power of music and the beauty of diversity. With its catchy tunes, delightful characters, and vibrant landscapes, the movie promises an exhilarating experience that will leave viewers of all ages tapping their toes, singing along, and embracing the differences that make us all unique.

Get ready to join Poppy, Branch, and their friends for a musical journey like no other!

6 Best Scenes from Trolls World Tour

1. The trolls discover that there are other troll tribes with different genres of music:

In this pivotal scene, the main character, Poppy, and her friends stumble upon a secret chamber that houses an ancient map.

The map reveals the existence of various troll tribes, each representing a different genre of music such as techno, classical, country, and funk. This discovery completely shatters Poppy’s belief that her tribe, the Pop trolls, is the only one in the world, showcasing the vastness and diversity of the troll world.

This moment is significant as it sets the foundation for the entire film’s plot. It introduces the core conflict between the different troll tribes and their musical preferences.

It also forces Poppy to reevaluate her own beliefs and open her mind to the idea of embracing other musical styles. This discovery sets Poppy on a journey to unite the troll tribes and appreciate the richness of music in its various forms.

It also foreshadows the subsequent events and challenges she will face as she navigates through the troll world. 2.

Queen Barb sets out to unite all troll tribes under rock music:

After learning about the existence of other troll tribes, Queen Barb, representing the rock trolls, is determined to unite them all under the banner of rock music. She believes that rock is the superior genre and that the other genres should be eliminated.

Queen Barb begins her quest by stealing the magical strings from each tribe’s musical instrument, using them to power her guitar and convert the other trolls into rock zombies. This moment drives the plot forward as it introduces the central antagonist and her villainous plan.

Queen Barb’s actions escalate the conflict between the troll tribes, pushing them towards a potential all-out war. It also raises the stakes for Poppy and her friends, as they must now confront Queen Barb and try to prevent the destruction of the other musical genres.

This scene further explores the theme of acceptance and appreciation of different musical styles, as Queen Barb’s narrow-mindedness threatens to destroy the harmony and unity among the trolls. 3.

Poppy tries to mediate between the different troll tribes to prevent an all-out war:

Realizing the impending danger, Poppy takes it upon herself to mediate between the troll tribes and prevent a catastrophic war. She embarks on a perilous journey with her loyal friends, trying to convince each tribe to come together and find a harmonious solution.

Along the way, they encounter various challenges, but Poppy’s unwavering optimism greatly influences the other trolls. This scene marks a significant turning point in the plot, as Poppy’s character growth becomes more evident.

She evolves from a naive and idealistic leader to a more empathetic and diplomatic one. Through her actions, Poppy demonstrates the power of understanding, communication, and compromise in resolving conflicts.

This pivotal moment also highlights the importance of unity amidst diversity, emphasizing that embracing each other’s differences can lead to a richer and more harmonious existence. Overall, these pivotal scenes in “Trolls World Tour” not only propel the narrative forward but also explore themes of unity, acceptance, and the power of music.

They showcase the character development of Poppy and highlight the film’s underlying message of embracing diversity and celebrating the various genres of music. Through these moments, the movie encourages the audience to appreciate the beauty and significance of different cultures and artistic expressions.

4. The trolls encounter various challenges and adventures as they travel to different troll lands:

As Poppy and her friends journey to different troll lands to unite the tribes and save their world, they face numerous challenges and adventures.

They encounter the techno trolls who live in a futuristic city, where they must engage in a dance battle to gain their cooperation. Next, they visit the country trolls and immerse themselves in a wild line-dancing competition.

In the classical troll land, they attend an opera performance and must prove their worth by singing a powerful duet. These scenes showcase the diversity of the troll world and the different musical styles that each tribe embodies.

They also provide opportunities for character development as Poppy and her friends experience unfamiliar environments and learn to appreciate and adapt to different cultures. Through these challenges, the friendships among the trolls deepen, and their bonds grow stronger.

5. The trolls come together to perform a mash-up of different music genres to save their world:

In the climactic scene, all the troll tribes gather in a final battle against Queen Barb and her rock zombies.

Realizing that fighting fire with fire will only lead to destruction, Poppy comes up with a brilliant plan. She suggests they perform a mash-up of different music genres to create a harmony that can defeat Queen Barb’s destructive rock music.

In this powerful moment, each tribe brings their unique musical style to the stage, blending their sounds together. The pop trolls, country trolls, techno trolls, classical trolls, and other tribes showcase their strengths and talents in a mesmerizing performance.

The combined force of their music breaks Queen Barb’s spell over the rock zombies and unites everyone in a joyous celebration of diversity and harmony. 6.

Poppy realizes that unity and acceptance of diversity are more important than trying to force everyone to be the same:

After the victory over Queen Barb, Poppy reflects on her journey and comes to a profound realization. She understands that unity and acceptance of diversity are more important than trying to force everyone to conform to the same beliefs or musical preferences.

Poppy comes to appreciate that the richness of the troll world lies in its variety of voices, styles, and perspectives. This scene represents the ultimate resolution of the film’s central conflict.

It reveals the growth and maturity of Poppy’s character as she learns the value of embracing differences and fostering unity. Poppy’s realization becomes the driving force behind the transformed troll world, where each tribe lives harmoniously and celebrates their unique talents and music.

These pivotal scenes in “Trolls World Tour” highlight the importance of diversity, acceptance, and unity. They showcase the trolls’ journey to different troll lands, challenging their biases and expanding their horizons.

The triumphant mash-up performance demonstrates the power of combined voices, while Poppy’s epiphany brings about a newfound understanding among the trolls. Through these moments, the film conveys a powerful message about the beauty of diversity and the strength found in unity.