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6 Best Moments from Three Steps Above Heaven Movie


Title: Three Steps Above Heaven

Release Date: 03/12/2010

Genres: Romance, Drama


“Three Steps Above Heaven” is a heart-wrenching romantic drama set in Barcelona that explores the intense and forbidden love between two young individuals from different backgrounds. The movie introduces us to Babi, a privileged and well-behaved young woman who leads a seemingly perfect life.

She comes from a wealthy family and is always surrounded by affluence and comfort. Hache, on the other hand, is a rebellious and street-smart biker who leads a life filled with danger and uncertainty.

He belongs to a lower social class and has a troubled past. Babi and Hache’s paths cross unexpectedly when Babi’s friend, Katina, is involved in a motorbike accident while Hache was racing.

Strangely drawn to each other, they find themselves in a captivating but complicated love affair. Their romance blooms against the backdrop of the elegant streets of Barcelona, creating a stark contrast between their two worlds.

As they spend more time together, Babi and Hache discover the exhilaration and freedom of being completely vulnerable with another person. They embark on a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth, challenging societal norms and their own insecurities.

However, their love is tested when their family and friends disapprove of their relationship due to their contrasting backgrounds. Babi’s parents, especially her overprotective father, see Hache as a bad influence and unworthy of their daughter.

Her friends also question her choices and fear for her safety. Hache, aware of the prejudice against him, tries to prove himself worthy of Babi’s love.

He matures and attempts to distance himself from his reckless past. Their relationship reaches a breaking point when Babi’s father discovers their secret and forbids them from seeing each other.

Devastated and filled with despair, Babi tries to move on while Hache struggles to defy his destiny and become a better person. Throughout the film, the theme of societal expectations and prejudice is deeply explored.

Babi’s family and social circle believe in maintaining appearances and adhering to certain societal standards, attempting to control her choices. In contrast, Hache represents a raw and passionate rebellion against these norms, willing to fight for what he believes in.

As the story unfolds, the audience witnesses their separated lives and the challenges they face individually. Babi’s pursuit of a “perfect” life falls short, leaving her longing for the freedom and passion she found with Hache.

On the other hand, Hache’s lonely existence is marked by constant danger and recklessness, making him question the purpose of his life without Babi. “Three Steps Above Heaven” is a captivating and emotional rollercoaster that will captivate viewers with its passionate love story and its exploration of the boundaries between different social classes.

It showcases the power of love to challenge societal expectations and the sacrifices individuals are willing to make to be with the one they love. As the movie draws to a close, the audience is left wondering if love can truly conquer all obstacles, and if Babi and Hache can find their way back to each other against all odds.

6 Best Scenes from Three Steps Above Heaven

1. In the first significant moment of the film, Babi and Hache meet for the first time at a party.

Babi, a sweet and innocent girl, catches Hache’s attention as she dances alone in the crowd. Hache, a rebellious and mysterious guy, is immediately drawn to her.

Their eyes meet, and an electric connection forms between them. As they start talking, their conversation becomes more intense, as if they have known each other for a long time.

This moment is significant because it sets the foundation for their love story. The instant connection between Babi and Hache foreshadows the passionate and tumultuous relationship that will unfold throughout the film.

This initial meeting is the catalyst for their journey of self-discovery and love, as they navigate the challenges of their different backgrounds and personalities. 2.

The second pivotal moment in the movie occurs when Hache takes Babi for a thrilling motorcycle ride. Hache, an adrenaline junkie, wants to share his love for danger and excitement with Babi.

As they speed through the empty city streets, Babi’s initial fear transforms into exhilaration. The wind in their hair and the rush of the ride symbolize their rebellious and passionate love.

This moment is crucial because it represents the merging of their worlds. Babi, who comes from a privileged and sheltered background, experiences a taste of Hache’s unpredictable and adventurous life.

This event marks a turning point in their relationship, as Babi starts to embrace her own desires and step out of her comfort zone. The motorcycle ride becomes a metaphor for their desire to break free from societal expectations and live for the moment.

It sets the stage for the challenges they will face and shows the depth of their connection, as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and love. 3.

The third significant moment in the film occurs when Hache reveals his criminal past and the reasons behind his troubled behavior to Babi. Hache’s confession takes place in a vulnerable moment shared between them.

As he lets down his guard, he explains the choices he has made and the pain he carries inside. Babi, who has always seen the good in Hache, is confronted with the reality of his troubled past.

This scene is pivotal because it challenges their love and forces them to confront their differences. Babi must decide whether to accept Hache’s flaws and continue their intense relationship or walk away to protect herself from potential heartbreak.

This moment propels the plot forward, highlighting the conflicts and obstacles they must overcome to find happiness together. It delves into the complexities of love and demonstrates the power of forgiveness and understanding.

This scene is a turning point for both characters, as it tests the strength of their connection and forces them to confront their insecurities. 4.

In a pivotal scene, Babi witnesses Hache involved in a violent fight. As she watches helplessly, her perception of Hache is shattered.

The fight showcases Hache’s raw aggression and his tendency to resort to violence. Babi, coming from a peaceful and sheltered life, is disturbed by this revelation and begins to question their relationship.

This moment challenges the romanticized image she had of Hache and forces her to confront the reality of his troubled past. The scene holds significance as it highlights the clash between their different worlds and tests Babi’s love for Hache.

It adds a layer of complexity to their relationship and sets the stage for her internal struggle of whether she can accept Hache’s flaws or if they are too much to bear. 5.

Hache and Babi engage in a romantic and heartfelt rooftop dance, capturing the essence of their passionate love. Both characters are drawn to each other as they move gracefully amidst a backdrop of twinkling city lights.

The dance signifies their deep connection and serves as a declaration of their love for each other. This intimate moment solidifies their bond and showcases their vulnerability as they let go of their inhibitions and surrender to the intensity of their emotions.

The rooftop dance is a pivotal scene that reminds the audience of the power and depth of their love, despite the obstacles they face. It brings a sense of hope and optimism to their relationship, providing a temporary respite from the challenges and conflicts that have plagued them.

This moment encapsulates the heart of the film and symbolizes the unbreakable connection between Babi and Hache, serving as a reminder of their shared moments of bliss. 6.

The film concludes with a tragic twist that leaves Hache devastated and Babi longing for their lost love. A sudden event shakes their world, tearing them apart and shattering their dreams of a future together.

The tragic twist is unexpected and devastating, leaving both characters broken-hearted and facing an uncertain future. The scene cements the film’s underlying theme of the fragility of love and the ramifications of past choices.

It serves as a culmination of their journey, highlighting the consequences of their actions and the unpredictability of life. The tragic twist adds a layer of realism to the romance and serves as a bittersweet reminder that love doesn’t always triumph over all obstacles.

It leaves a lasting impact on the audience, evoking a sense of heartbreak and longing, while also providing a poignant ending that showcases the complexities of love and the sacrifices made in its name.