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6 Best Moments from The Proposal Movie


Title: The Proposal

Release Date: 01/06/2009

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama


“The Proposal” is a delightful romantic comedy set in modern-day New York City. The story revolves around Margaret Tate, a successful and demanding editor-in-chief of a publishing company, and Andrew Paxton, her long-suffering assistant.

Margaret is a tough boss with a reputation for being cold-hearted and difficult to work with. However, she is faced with a predicament when she receives a notice from the immigration department that her work visa has expired, and she risks being deported back to Canada.

In a desperate attempt to save herself, Margaret devises an unconventional plan. She decides to fake an engagement to her assistant, Andrew, who hails from Canada.

Margaret believes that by pretending to be engaged, she can convince the immigration officer that she is in a legitimate relationship and thus avoid deportation. Despite initially being hesitant, Andrew agrees to Margaret’s proposal, but under the condition that she promotes him to an editor position when their charade is over.

The two set off to Andrew’s hometown in Sitka, Alaska, to meet his family and celebrate their supposed engagement. However, their journey is filled with comedic mishaps and awkward encounters.

Margaret struggles to adapt to the small-town life and cultural shock, while Andrew’s skeptical family views Margaret with suspicion, considering her upper-class and demanding demeanor. During their time in Sitka, Margaret and Andrew start to develop genuine feelings for each other.

Andrew’s loving and warm-hearted family creates an environment that challenges Margaret to reveal her vulnerable side. As they spend more time together, Margaret learns to appreciate the small-town charm and the importance of genuine connections.

Amidst the chaos and shenanigans, Margaret and Andrew’s relationship shifts from a forced arrangement to a genuine love story. Their journey is filled with humorous situations, romantic gestures, and unexpected surprises.

The people of Sitka start to see the true nature of Margaret and recognize the authenticity of their connection, culminating in a heartwarming and lovable tale of personal growth and unexpected romance. “The Proposal” explores themes of personal transformation, finding love in unexpected places, and the importance of honesty and vulnerability in relationships.

It highlights the idea that love can bloom in the most unlikely circumstances and that sometimes, the best things in life come from letting go of control and embracing the unexpected. With a talented cast that includes Sandra Bullock as the feisty Margaret, Ryan Reynolds as the endearing Andrew, and a supporting cast that brings a mix of humor and warmth, “The Proposal” is a feel-good film that blends romance, comedy, and drama.

It captures the essence of finding love in unexpected ways and reminds viewers that sometimes, the best relationships begin with a daring proposal.

6 Best Scenes from The Proposal

1. Margaret’s Fake Engagement Announcement:

In this pivotal moment, Margaret, a Canadian executive facing deportation, comes up with the idea of fabricating an engagement to her assistant, Andrew, an American.

She announces their impending nuptials to their colleagues during a tense meeting. This scene is significant as it sets the foundation for the entire film’s premise.

Margaret’s fake engagement serves as a solution to her immigration troubles, forcing her and Andrew into a potentially awkward and complicated situation. It also sparks the conflict between Margaret and Andrew, as they have different expectations and motives for going along with the charade.

The announcement creates a sense of curiosity and intrigue among the characters, leading to a series of comedic and romantic situations that drive the plot forward. 2.

Andrew’s Reluctant Agreement to Marry Margaret:

In this pivotal scene, Andrew, initially hesitant about the fake engagement, agrees to marry Margaret after she assures him of a promotion and publishing his book. The significance of this moment lies in Andrew’s internal conflict.

He is torn between his professional aspirations and his reservations about entering a sham marriage. This decision will ultimately shape his relationship with Margaret and lead to unexpected developments.

Andrew’s agreement also highlights his underlying vulnerability, as he reluctantly sacrifices his personal integrity for career advancement. This scene reveals the complex dynamics between Andrew and Margaret, highlighting the blurred lines between their professional and personal lives.

It serves as a turning point in the plot, as their fake relationship becomes more intertwined, leading to unexpected emotions and consequences. 3.

Margaret and Andrew’s Immigration Interview:

The immigration interview scene marks a critical moment in the film’s narrative. Margaret and Andrew are interviewed by an immigration officer who questions the legitimacy of their relationship.

The significance of this scene lies in the escalating tension and the duo’s struggle to convince the officer of their love. It showcases the high stakes and potential consequences of their deceitful acts.

The interview also reveals the emotional connection that has developed between Margaret and Andrew, as they rely on each other to maintain the faade. This pivotal moment serves as a climax in the plot, as the fate of their sham engagement and Margaret’s immigration status are at stake.

It escalates the conflict and propels the story towards its resolution. Ultimately, the immigration interview challenges Margaret and Andrew to confront their true feelings and evaluate the authenticity of their relationship.

4. Margaret’s Attempt to Seduce Andrew:

In this pivotal scene, Margaret, feeling conflicted about her growing feelings for Andrew, decides to seduce him.

She carefully plans a romantic evening, complete with candles and lingerie. However, Andrew, who has been trying to maintain a professional distance, is taken aback by Margaret’s advances.

The significance of this moment lies in the shifting dynamics between the two characters. Margaret’s attempt to seduce Andrew reveals her vulnerability and desire for a genuine romantic connection, while also forcing Andrew to confront his own feelings.

This scene explores the blurred lines between their fake engagement and their true emotions, adding complexity and depth to their relationship. It also creates a moment of tension and uncertainty, as they navigate the line between their professional obligations and their personal desires.

This pivotal scene propels the plot forward, as it pushes Margaret and Andrew towards a deeper understanding of their feelings and sets the stage for further romantic developments. 5.

Margaret’s Confession of Love to Andrew:

In this emotional scene, Margaret, overwhelmed by her growing love for Andrew, confesses her feelings to him. She lays bare her heart, admitting that her initial intentions were purely for her own benefit but that she has fallen in love with him.

Andrew, initially taken aback, also admits his own love for her. The significance of this moment lies in the vulnerability and honesty displayed by both characters.

Margaret’s confession highlights her growth and transformation throughout the film, as she evolves from a cold and calculating character to someone capable of genuine emotional connection. Andrew’s admission of love showcases his own willingness to let go of his reservations and embrace his true emotions.

This pivotal scene not only deepens the romantic relationship between Margaret and Andrew, but it also serves as a catalyst for redemption and transformation. It marks a turning point in the plot, as their fake engagement becomes a real love story with genuine emotions and motivations.

6. Andrew’s Surprise Proposal to Margaret:

In this heartwarming scene, Andrew plans a surprise proposal for Margaret.

Despite their initial agreement being based on convenience, Andrew has realized his deep love for her and wants to make their relationship official. He gets down on one knee and proposes, confessing his love to her once again.

Margaret, overwhelmed by the sincerity and depth of Andrew’s feelings, tearfully accepts. The significance of this moment lies in the culmination of their romantic journey throughout the film.

Andrew’s surprise proposal showcases his growth as a character and his willingness to go against societal expectations in order to be with the woman he loves. Margaret’s acceptance represents her own transformation, as she allows herself to experience love and happiness despite her initially pragmatic motives.

This pivotal scene brings resolution to their fake engagement, as it becomes a true commitment based on love and authenticity. It serves as the climax of the plot, providing a satisfying conclusion to their story and solidifying the romantic themes of the film.