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6 Best Moments from The Interview Movie


Title: The Interview

Release Date: 25/12/2014

Genres: Action, Comedy


“The Interview” is an action-packed comedy film that delves into the world of espionage and international affairs. Directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the film was released on 25 December 2014 and quickly gained notoriety due to its controversial subject matter.

The story is set in the modern-day world, primarily in the fictional country of North Korea. The movie follows the lives of two television journalists, Dave Skylark (played by James Franco) and Aaron Rapaport (played by Seth Rogen), who host a popular celebrity gossip show called “Skylark Tonight.”

Despite their success, Dave and Aaron crave to be taken seriously as journalists and long for more meaningful interviews.

Their opportunity arrives when they receive an unexpected invitation from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un (played by Randall Park) to interview him at his palace. Excited by the prospect of an exclusive interview, the duo embarks on a journey to North Korea, accompanied by their producer, Diana (played by Lizzy Caplan).

However, just before their departure, they are approached by the CIA, who believe that the duo’s proximity to Kim Jong-un presents a unique opportunity to assassinate him. Skeptical at first, Dave and Aaron eventually agree to assist the CIA in their mission.

Upon their arrival in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, Dave and Aaron are awed by the lavishness of the dictator’s palace and terrified by the oppressive regime. As they try to maintain a cover of professionalism, they soon find themselves entangled in a web of secret agents, double-crosses, and political intrigue.

Dave eventually develops a personal rapport with Kim Jong-un, who reveals a much more complex and surprisingly vulnerable side than his public image would suggest. The interview takes an unexpected turn when the CIA’s plans are uncovered, thrusting Dave and Aaron into a dangerous situation where they must think on their feet to escape.

Throughout the film, “The Interview” explores themes of media manipulation, the blurred lines between reality and fiction, and the power of laughter and satire in the face of dictatorship. The contrast between the humorous banter of Dave and Aaron and the brutal reality of a totalitarian regime adds depth to the narrative and keeps viewers engaged.

As the journalists navigate the treacherous waters of spying and assassination attempts, they also discover the importance of journalistic integrity and the ethical responsibilities associated with their profession. Through their experiences, they learn the true cost of their ambitions and the impact of their actions on a global scale.

“The Interview” is a fast-paced, witty comedy that showcases the talents of James Franco and Seth Rogen. With its unique mix of action, humor, and political commentary, the film remains an intriguing and entertaining watch that left audiences both laughing and contemplating the world of journalism and international relations.

6 Best Scenes from The Interview

Scene 1: The opening scene where Dave Skylark and Aaron Rapoport discuss their successful talk show and plans for an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. In this pivotal opening scene, Dave Skylark (played by James Franco) and Aaron Rapoport (played by Seth Rogen) have a conversation on their successful talk show “Skylark Tonight.” They discuss their desire to take their show to a more serious level, wanting to interview world leaders instead of celebrities.

When they discover that Kim Jong-un (played by Randall Park) is a fan of their show, they realize this is their big opportunity. This scene is significant as it sets up the central conflict of the film.

Dave and Aaron’s ambition to interview Kim Jong-un sparks the main plot of the movie and showcases their willingness to take risks for their career. It also establishes the comedic tone of the film, as Dave’s over-the-top personality and Aaron’s more reserved demeanor clash, providing the foundation for the comedy that follows.

Scene 2: Dave and Aaron’s arrival in North Korea and their encounters with various members of the regime. After successfully securing an interview with Kim Jong-un, Dave and Aaron make their way to North Korea.

They are greeted by Sook (played by Diana Bang), Kim Jong-un’s top propaganda director, who becomes their liaison throughout their time in the country. As they settle into their accommodations, they interact with various members of the regime, including Security Minister Pak (played by Lizzy Caplan) and a young girl who presents them with a gift.

This scene is significant as it introduces the audience to the absurdity and danger of North Korea, heightening the stakes for Dave and Aaron. It also showcases the stark contrast between the lavish lifestyle of the regime and the impoverished conditions of the North Korean people.

The comedic interactions between Dave and Aaron and the characters they encounter further establish the humor that permeates the film. Scene 3: The meeting between Dave and Kim Jong-un, where they bond over their love for Katy Perry and margaritas.

Finally, the long-awaited interview takes place in a luxurious setting, where Dave and Aaron are face-to-face with Kim Jong-un. However, their original plan to assassinate Kim Jong-un takes a backseat when they realize he genuinely wants to have a friendly conversation.

They discuss their shared love for Katy Perry and margaritas, establishing a surprisingly personal connection. This scene is significant as it subverts expectations and adds depth to the film’s portrayal of Kim Jong-un.

It humanizes a character who is often villainized in media, showcasing his fascination with Western culture. The comedic banter between Dave, Aaron, and Kim Jong-un highlights the absurdity of the situation and further solidifies the film’s comedic tone.

Additionally, the scene sets up the moral dilemma Dave and Aaron face later in the movie as they must determine whether to carry out their original plan or embrace this newfound friendship. Overall, these pivotal scenes in “The Interview” set up the central conflict of the film, establish the comedic tone, showcase the absurdity of North Korea, and further the character development of the main protagonists.

They propel the plot forward and provide important moments of humor and social commentary, enhancing the overall narrative structure of the movie. Scene 4: Dave and Aaron’s realization that they have been tasked with assassinating Kim Jong-un by the CIA.

In this intense scene, Dave and Aaron discover that their interview with Kim Jong-un was actually orchestrated by the CIA to serve as an opportunity for them to assassinate the North Korean leader. Agent Lacey (played by Rob Lowe) reveals the truth to them, putting them in a moral dilemma.

Dave, who initially agrees to go through with the plan for his career, begins to doubt his decision, while Aaron is horrified by the assassination plot. This scene is significant as it forces Dave and Aaron to confront the consequences of their actions and question their moral integrity.

It adds a layer of seriousness to the film, shifting the tone from pure comedy to a more complex exploration of personal and political ethics. The revelation also drives the plot forward, adding tension and raising the stakes for the main characters as they must navigate their way out of this dangerous situation.

Scene 5: The escape sequence, where Dave, Aaron, and their North Korean love interest Sook make a daring escape from North Korea. In this thrilling action-packed scene, Dave, Aaron, and Sook embark on a daring escape from North Korea.

With the help of Sook, who reveals herself to be an undercover rebel, they navigate through various obstacles, including heavily guarded checkpoints and pursuit by North Korean soldiers. The escape involves thrilling moments of suspense, close calls, and unexpected twists.

This scene is significant as it showcases the resourcefulness and determination of the main characters. It highlights their bravery and willingness to risk everything to ensure their safety and expose the truth.

The fast-paced action also adds a sense of urgency to the film, propelling the plot towards its climax. Additionally, the escape sequence serves as a turning point for Sook’s character, as she transitions from a seemingly loyal member of the regime to a rebel fighting against the oppressive regime.

Scene 6: The final scene where Dave and Aaron address the world, clarifying their intentions and promoting peace. In the final scene, Dave and Aaron, now back in the United States, take to the stage in a press conference to clarify their true intentions.

They address the world, explaining that they didn’t actually assassinate Kim Jong-un, but instead formed an unlikely friendship with him. They emphasize the need for understanding and peaceful resolutions, hoping to promote harmony between countries.

This scene is significant as it serves as the culmination of the character arcs of Dave and Aaron. It showcases their growth and maturity as they use their platform to advocate for peace and diplomacy.

It also makes a social commentary on the power of media and propaganda in shaping public perception. By choosing to spread a message of peace instead of sensationalism, Dave and Aaron reclaim their role as responsible journalists.

The scene wraps up the film’s narrative structure by providing a resolution and reinforcing the film’s underlying message of the importance of dialogue and understanding in resolving conflicts. Overall, these pivotal scenes in “The Interview” further develop the moral complexity of the characters, escalate the action and tension of the plot, and deliver a powerful message on peace and diplomacy.

They contribute to the film’s narrative structure by propelling the story towards its climax and providing a satisfying resolution to the character arcs.