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6 Best Moments from The Great Wall Movie


Title: The Great Wall

Release Date: 16/12/2016

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy


“The Great Wall” is an action-packed adventure set in ancient China during the Song dynasty. The film follows the epic battle between an elite group of warriors known as the Nameless Order and terrifying creatures hell-bent on devouring humanity.

The movie opens with William Garin, a European mercenary played by Matt Damon, and his partner, Tovar, journeying east in search of the highly sought after black powder, which they hope to sell to the highest bidder. However, their quest takes an unexpected turn when they are attacked by a mysterious creature that William manages to kill.

Seeking refuge, the duo stumbles upon the Great Wall, a massive structure constructed to protect China from the monstrous creatures known as Taotie. The commander of the Nameless Order, General Shao, is initially suspicious of William and Tovar, but after witnessing William’s skill in combat, he agrees to spare their lives.

Intrigued by the battle prowess and determination of the Chinese warriors, William decides to stay and assist in the defense of the wall. Within the Great Wall, William meets the strong-willed Commander Lin, played by Jing Tian, who becomes his primary love interest throughout the film.

Lin is a highly skilled warrior and strategist who is tasked with ensuring the safety of the wall and its inhabitants. As the battle against the Taotie intensifies, a mutual respect and romance begin to develop between William and Lin.

As the waves of Taotie attack, the Nameless Order demonstrates its unique combat techniques, utilizing an elaborate system of colors and coordinated movements to defend the wall. At the heart of their strategy is the hilltop archer division, whose precision and accuracy prove vital in repelling the monstrous invaders.

Alongside Lin and her fellow warriors, William joins the fight, showcasing his unexpected bravery and resourcefulness. As the battles continue, it becomes apparent that the Taotie are not mindless beasts but are drawn to the vibrating colors of the enemy.

Unraveling the mysterious connection between the Taotie and the wall’s defenses, William uncovers a sinister secret the Taotie are being controlled by an ancient queen, who has been awakened and seeks to lead her horde through the Great Wall and ravage China. With the epic final battle approaching, the Nameless Order must find a way to overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds and prevent the devastation of their homeland.

William, fueled by his newfound loyalty to China and his love for Lin, emerges as a key figure in the defense of the wall, devising a daring plan to strike at the heart of the queen’s control and bring down her forces. “The Great Wall” is a visually stunning film that combines epic battles and breathtaking martial arts sequences with compelling characters and an intriguing blend of fantasy and history.

It explores themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the power of unity in the face of overwhelming adversity. With its captivating storyline and dazzling action, the movie offers an enthralling cinematic experience for viewers seeking an awe-inspiring adventure.

6 Best Scenes from The Great Wall

1. The first appearance and reveal of the massive Great Wall of China:

In this breathtaking moment, the protagonists, William and Tovar, stumble upon the colossal structure of the Great Wall of China.

As they stand in awe of its jagged beauty, an army of warriors clad in vibrant uniforms and intricate armor comes into view. The sheer magnitude of the wall, stretching as far as the eye can see, signifies the immense effort and sacrifice put forth by generations of Chinese people to protect their homeland.

This pivotal scene establishes the grand scale of the film and the significance of the Great Wall as a formidable defense against the monsters lurking beyond its reach. It sets the stage for the epic battles to come and symbolizes the resilience and unity of the Chinese people.

2. The intense battle sequence on top of the Great Wall, where soldiers fight off the monsters:

In this heart-pounding scene, William, Tovar, and the Chinese warriors face a relentless onslaught of monstrous creatures.

Swords clash, arrows fly, and explosions erupt as the defenders fight for their lives. This intense battle showcases the valor and skill of the Chinese warriors, while William and Tovar prove their mettle in the face of unimaginable danger.

The scene is a turning point in the plot, as it reveals the true extent of the monsters’ threat and tests the protagonists’ resolve. It also serves as a visual spectacle, with spectacular set pieces and thrilling action sequences that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

The battle sequence reinforces the central theme of the film, which is the triumph of unity and courage over seemingly insurmountable odds. 3.

The discovery of the Queen of the monsters and her subsequent attack on the protagonists:

In a moment of shocking revelation, the protagonists stumble upon the Queen of the monsters in the labyrinthine catacombs beneath the Great Wall. As the protagonists come face to face with this formidable foe, they realize that defeating her is the only hope for humanity’s survival.

With her mesmerizing presence and deadly powers, the Queen poses a grave threat not only to the protagonists but also to the entire world. This scene heightens the stakes of the film, as the protagonists are forced to confront their fears and make a critical decision that will shape the fate of humanity.

It also delves into the mythical and supernatural aspects of the story, adding depth and complexity to the overall narrative. The discovery of the Queen and her subsequent attack marks a pivotal moment of truth, pushing the protagonists to their limits and propelling the plot towards its climactic resolution.

4. The protagonist’s sacrifice to save the Great Wall and its people:

In this emotionally charged scene, William, the film’s protagonist, makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect the Great Wall and its people.

As the relentless monster horde breaches the wall’s defenses, William decides to strap explosives to his body and dive into the destructive chaos. With every step he takes towards the encroaching threat, his determination and selflessness are palpable.

The explosion not only obliterates the monsters but also collapses a vital section of the wall, sealing off their entry point. This sacrifice showcases William’s transformation from a mercenary seeking fortune to a heroic figure committed to protecting the innocent.

It underscores the film’s theme of self-sacrifice in the face of overwhelming odds and emphasizes the power of individual actions in shaping the collective destiny of a nation. 5.

The final battle between the protagonists and the monsters, showcasing the power and skills of both sides:

In the climactic battle, the remaining protagonists, led by Commander Lin and Tovar, engage in a fierce showdown against the hordes of relentless monsters. The battle takes place in the heart of the Great Wall, with each side employing their unique skills and weaponry.

The protagonists demonstrate their growth and resilience, executing well-coordinated strategies to combat the monsters’ overwhelming force. The scene is a dynamic display of power, showcasing the advanced martial arts techniques and resourcefulness of the Chinese warriors, as well as the cunning tactics employed by the monsters.

The final battle represents a culmination of the protagonists’ personal journeys, their growth as individuals, and their unity in the face of adversity. It delivers a sense of catharsis for both the characters and the audience, as they witness the triumph of valor and teamwork over seemingly insurmountable odds.

6. The closing scene, where the surviving characters reflect on their journey and the lessons learned:

In this poignant moment, the surviving characters, including Commander Lin and Tovar, gather to reflect on their arduous journey and the sacrifices made.

They are shown amidst the ruins of the Great Wall, gazing into the horizon with a newfound sense of hope. The discussion centers on the lessons learned from their battle against the monsters and the importance of unity and shared purpose in the face of adversity.

This closing scene provides a sense of closure, highlighting the growth and personal transformations of the characters throughout the film. It also serves as a reminder of the resilience and enduring spirit of the Chinese people.

The closing scene resonates with the audience, leaving them with a message of hope and the importance of staying steadfast in the face of challenges.