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6 Best Moments from The Good Dinosaur Movie


Title: The Good Dinosaur

Release Date: 14/11/2015

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Family


“The Good Dinosaur” takes place in a world where dinosaurs never went extinct and humans never evolved. In this stunning animated adventure film, we follow the journey of Arlo, a young Apatosaurus, as he overcomes his fears and discovers the true meaning of friendship and family.

Set in a lush and vibrant prehistoric Earth, the film begins with the hatching of Arlo, the smallest and weakest of three siblings. Living on a farm with his loving parents, Poppa and Momma, and his mischievous older brother, Buck, Arlo struggles to find his place in a world where size and strength matter.

As Arlo grows, he is given an important task – to mark the boundaries of their property to protect their corn harvest. However, when a sudden storm strikes, Arlo’s fear paralyzes him, and he fails in his duty.

In an attempt to redeem himself, Arlo embarks on a quest to catch the small human boy who has been stealing their corn. During his journey, Arlo encounters many challenges and befriends a primitive human he names Spot.

With Spot’s help, Arlo learns to survive in the harsh wilderness and confront his fears. They traverse breathtaking landscapes, including vast canyons, dense forests, and treacherous mountains, encountering various dinosaur species along the way.

Throughout their adventure, Arlo and Spot form a unique bond, defying the conventional expectations of dinosaur-human relationships. As they support and protect each other, they realize that true companionship has no boundaries and that family can extend beyond blood ties.

Along their journey, Arlo and Spot encounter powerful and dangerous creatures, such as a group of intimidating Tyrannosaurs led by Butch, a fearless and gruff yet compassionate T. rex.

Butch and his pack offer Arlo guidance and teach him valuable life lessons about bravery and resilience. The film explores themes of bravery, friendship, love, and the importance of facing one’s fears.

Arlo’s personal growth is beautifully depicted through his interactions with the world around him and the friendships he develops along the way. He learns to trust in his own abilities, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

As Arlo nears his destination, he must confront his ultimate fear – the mighty and perilous river that has separated him from his family. With Spot by his side, Arlo must summon all his strength and face this final obstacle to reunite with his loved ones.

“The Good Dinosaur” is a heartwarming tale that captivates audiences of all ages with its stunning animation, rich storytelling, and lovable characters. It encourages viewers to embrace their fears, cherish friendship, and appreciate the beauty of the world around them.

In this magical world where dinosaurs walk the Earth, Arlo’s journey teaches us that we are all capable of great things, regardless of our size or perceived limitations. It reminds us that the bonds we form and the courage we find within ourselves can navigate us through even the most treacherous landscapes.

6 Best Scenes from The Good Dinosaur

1. Arlo meets Spot for the first time and they form a bond:

In this pivotal scene, Arlo, a young Apatosaurus, who is afraid of everything, finds himself in a strange forest after being separated from his family.

He feels lost and helpless until he encounters Spot, a feral human child. Initially, Arlo is apprehensive and frightened by Spots wild nature, but the two eventually come to trust and understand each other.

This scene is significant because it marks the beginning of a transformative journey for both characters. Arlos fear and vulnerability are mirrored in Spot’s feral nature, as they learn to rely on each other for survival.

Through their unlikely friendship, Arlo learns to overcome his fears and becomes more courageous as he navigates the challenges ahead. 2.

Arlo and Spot encounter a group of pterodactyls and narrowly escape:

Arlo and Spot stumble upon a group of predatory pterodactyls led by the menacing Thunderclap. The pterodactyls threaten to eat Spot, causing Arlo to step up and defend his newfound friend.

He manages to distract the pterodactyls, allowing him and Spot to escape their clutches. This scene is significant as it shows Arlos growth from a timid and fearful dinosaur to a brave and protective friend.

The encounter with the pterodactyls serves as a catalyst for Arlo’s transformation, pushing him to confront his fears and prioritize the safety of his friend over anything else. It also highlights the importance of loyalty and friendship in the face of danger.

3. Arlo and Spot get separated during a storm and have to find each other again:

In a powerful and emotionally charged scene, Arlo and Spot get separated during a violent storm.

Arlo is swept away in a rushing river, while Spot seeks shelter in a cave. As Arlo desperately tries to find his friend, he encounters a vision of his deceased father, who encourages him to keep going.

After surviving various obstacles and enduring feelings of loss and despair, Arlo and Spot are joyfully reunited. This scene is significant as it showcases the strength of Arlo’s determination and love for his friend.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Arlo refuses to give up on finding Spot, demonstrating his growth and resilience. Additionally, the scene explores themes of grief and healing, as Arlo’s vision of his father provides guidance and motivation in the face of adversity.

It reinforces the importance of familial bonds and the power of love in driving the plot forward. 4.

Arlo saves Spot from a threatening group of rustlers:

Arlo and Spot come across a group of cunning rustlers, who plan to steal their corn harvest. Spot, being smaller and vulnerable, is captured by the rustlers.

Filled with bravery and determination, Arlo takes a leap of faith and comes to Spot’s rescue. He strategizes a plan and unleashes his inner strength, fighting off the rustlers and securing their freedom.

This pivotal scene is significant as it showcases the growth of Arlo’s character and his newfound courage. Arlo, who was once timid and scared, takes charge and risks his own safety to protect his friend.

It highlights the importance of standing up for loved ones and the transformative power of self-belief. The scene also reinforces the theme of friendship and loyalty, as Arlo and Spot’s bond tightens amidst the challenging circumstances, setting the stage for their victorious journey ahead.

5. Arlo and Spot meet a family of tyrannosaurus rex who help them on their journey:

While continuing their journey, Arlo and Spot stumble upon a family of Tyrannosaurus rex, led by Butch.

Despite initial apprehension, the T. rex family offers their assistance and guides Arlo and Spot through treacherous terrain.

In a heartfelt moment, Butch shares a touching story about his lost friend, paralleling Arlo and Spot’s own quest for belonging and family. This pivotal scene is significant as it introduces a new set of characters who play a crucial role in Arlo and Spot’s journey.

The T. rex family represents a sense of community and support, offering guidance and protection to the young duo.

It emphasizes the importance of finding one’s tribe and highlights the universal desire for connection and kinship. The scene also deepens Arlo’s understanding of friendship and family, as he witnesses the profound impact of these relationships on the lives of others.

6. Arlo confronts his fears and learns to overcome them, symbolized by him conquering the water in the river:

In a climactic scene, Arlo faces his deepest fear, water, as he must cross a raging river to reunite with his family.

With Spot’s encouragement, Arlo summons all his courage and leaps into the water, triumphantly swimming to the other side. Overcoming his fear is a transformative moment for Arlo, symbolizing his growth and newfound bravery.

This pivotal scene is significant as it represents the culmination of Arlo’s character arc. By conquering his fear of water, he not only proves his bravery but also demonstrates his ability to overcome obstacles and adapt to challenging circumstances.

It showcases the power of determination and self-belief in personal growth. The scene deepens the audience’s emotional connection with Arlo, making his journey relatable and inspiring.

Additionally, it propels the plot forward, as Arlo is now ready to face the final challenges and reach his destination.