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6 Best Moments from The Darkest Minds Movie


Title: The Darkest Minds

Release Date: 25/07/2018

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama


In “The Darkest Minds,” set in a dystopian future, a mysterious disease called IAAN has wiped out the majority of the nation’s children, leaving only a small percentage alive. However, those who survive develop supernatural abilities and are labeled as dangerous by the government.

The film follows the journey of Ruby Daly, a teenager with telekinetic powers who escapes from a government camp and joins a group of other gifted children on a perilous quest for freedom. The movie begins with Ruby’s life before the outbreak, highlighting her normal, happy existence as a loving daughter.

However, everything changes when the disease strikes and Ruby’s abilities emerge. The government separates the children based on their powers, sending them to different camps where they are supposed to be trained and controlled.

Ruby, labeled as a dangerous Orange, manages to hide her true abilities, pretending to be a powerless Green. While in the camp, Ruby befriends a group of other gifted children: Liam, a compassionate and brave Blue; Chubs, a highly intelligent and logical Yellow; and Zu, a timid but resilient Gold.

Together, they dream of escaping and finding a place where they can be free. When the opportunity arises, Ruby uses her ability to manipulate the mind to erase memories, allowing her to escape undetected.

On the run, Ruby and her newfound friends encounter various challenges and dangers as they navigate a world filled with fear and oppression. They discover a resistance group known as The Children’s League, led by Cate, a former doctor determined to fight against the government’s oppressive control.

While initially hesitant, Ruby and her friends join forces with The Children’s League and become involved in a larger conflict against the authorities. As they continue to evade capture and forge ahead, Ruby grapples with her own guilt and fear, haunted by the memories she has erased.

She also discovers the true extent of her powers and the potential danger they pose to herself and those around her. Meanwhile, tensions within the group rise, as personal relationships and differing perspectives test their unity.

“The Darkest Minds” explores themes of identity, friendship, and the abuse of power. It raises questions about the importance of individual freedoms and the consequences of suppressing and fearing those who are different.

The film highlights the strength and resilience of the young characters as they fight against an oppressive society, taking a stand for the rights of all children with special abilities. In a climactic showdown, Ruby and her friends confront the government and its attempts to control and silence them.

Their unity and determination will be tested as they face overwhelming odds. Will they be able to overcome the powerful forces that seek to destroy them and forge a better future for themselves and others like them?

“The Darkest Minds” takes viewers on an emotional and action-packed adventure, immersing them in a world of extraordinary abilities, dark secrets, and the fight for freedom. With compelling characters, thrilling plot twists, and thought-provoking themes, the film promises to captivate audiences, leaving them eagerly awaiting the sequel.

6 Best Scenes from The Darkest Minds

Scene 1: Ruby discovers her telekinetic powers and accidentally erases her parents’ memories. In this pivotal scene, Ruby Daly, the protagonist of “The Darkest Minds,” discovers her telekinetic powers for the first time.

After being taken away from her parents and placed in a government rehabilitation camp due to the outbreak of a mysterious disease that has killed most of American children, Ruby is terrified of her own abilities. While in her room, she attempts to close her bedroom door using her mind, and to her surprise, it moves.

Overwhelmed by her newfound power, Ruby loses control and accidentally erases her parents’ memories of her, effectively erasing herself from their lives. This scene is significant as it not only establishes Ruby as a powerful and potentially dangerous character, but it also sets the stage for her personal journey and growth throughout the film.

By erasing her parents’ memories, Ruby is forced to confront the loneliness and isolation resulting from her powers. This event serves as a catalyst for Ruby’s determination to find a place where she can belong and be accepted.

Additionally, it propels the plot forward as Ruby’s actions inadvertently reveal the extent of her powers to the government, leading to her escape from the camp and her subsequent involvement with a group of other talented teens. Scene 2: Ruby escapes from a government rehabilitation camp and joins a group of other teens with special abilities.

After realizing the true intentions of the government rehabilitation camp, Ruby hatches a plan to escape with the help of her new friend, Cate. Displaying her resourcefulness and quick thinking, Ruby uses her telekinetic powers to overpower the guards and make her way to the exit.

As she runs outside, she encounters a group of other teenagers who have escaped from different camps, each possessing unique abilities. Intrigued by their shared struggle and the possibility of finding acceptance and safety among others like her, Ruby decides to join them.

This scene marks a turning point in the film as Ruby transitions from a fearful and isolated individual to an empowered and determined member of a changed society. It symbolizes her rejection of the government’s oppressive regime and her newfound hope for a better future alongside her newfound friends.

By escaping the camp and joining the group, Ruby sets in motion a series of events that will lead to the discovery of a hidden resistance movement and the unraveling of the government’s true intentions. This pivotal moment sets the stage for the action and adventure to come, as the group bands together to fight against the oppressive regime and find a way to overcome the challenges they face.

Scene 3: Liam confesses his love for Ruby and they share their first kiss. As Ruby and the group continue their journey, a deep bond forms between Ruby and Liam, another member of the group.

Their shared experiences and the life-threatening situations they face together intensify their connection. In a tender and heartfelt moment, Liam confesses his love for Ruby, expressing how much she means to him.

Overwhelmed by her own feelings, Ruby reciprocates his sentiment, and they share their first kiss. This scene is significant as it represents a pivotal moment of emotional vulnerability and connection amidst the chaos and uncertainty of their lives.

It demonstrates the power of love and human connection in the face of adversity, providing a brief respite from the constant danger and uncertainty they face. Their budding romance adds a layer of depth and emotional resonance to the narrative, reinforcing the theme of hope and love in a world dominated by fear and control.

Additionally, their love story serves as a motivating factor for Ruby’s determination to protect her newfound family and fight against the corrupt government. This pivotal moment sets the stage for the characters’ evolving relationships and their unwavering commitment to their shared cause, propelling the plot forward and adding an element of personal stakes to the larger conflict.

Scene 4: Ruby and her friends confront the government forces and engage in an intense battle. In this pivotal scene, Ruby and her group of fellow teens with special abilities find themselves faced with government forces who are determined to capture and control them.

As the team of government agents approach, tensions rise and the true extent of the teenagers’ powers is revealed. With Ruby’s telekinetic abilities and the diverse range of talents possessed by her friends, they engage in a thrilling and intense battle against their oppressors.

The scene is filled with impressive displays of power, as the teens use their abilities to protect themselves and fight back. This scene is significant as it showcases the growth and strength of the characters, highlighting their determination to stand up against those who seek to control and suppress them.

It represents a pivotal moment of rebellion and resistance, as the teenagers fight for their freedom and the right to exist without fear. Additionally, this battle scene serves as a turning point in the narrative, escalating the conflict between the government and the rebels.

The outcome of this encounter sets the stage for the final showdown between the teens and the government, as the fight for survival intensifies. Scene 5: Ruby makes the decision to sacrifice herself to save her friends.

Amidst the chaos and danger, Ruby finds herself faced with a difficult choice. Realizing that her powers are not only valuable but also potentially dangerous if left unchecked, she decides to sacrifice her own safety to protect her friends.

With a heavy heart, she devises a plan in which she willingly submits herself to the government forces in order to divert their attention from her friends. Ruby’s selfless act demonstrates her growth as a character and her willingness to sacrifice her own happiness for the greater good.

This scene is significant as it exemplifies Ruby’s transformation from a fearful and isolated individual to a courageous leader. Her decision to sacrifice herself adds a profound emotional depth to the narrative, emphasizing the strength of her bonds with her friends and her unwavering commitment to their safety.

It also propels the plot forward, as her sacrifice becomes a rallying point for her friends, motivating them to come up with a plan to save her and continue the fight against the government. The scene symbolizes the power of friendship, sacrifice, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Scene 6: Ruby uses her powers to erase herself from the memories of the government agents and escapes their clutches. After being captured by the government and separated from her friends, Ruby is determined to escape their clutches.

Realizing that her powers can be used to manipulate the memories of others, she takes a risk in a moment of desperation. Using her telekinetic abilities, she erases herself from the memories of the government agents, effectively making herself invisible to them.

With this newfound advantage, Ruby escapes their custody and reunites with her friends, setting the stage for the final act of the film. This scene is significant as it showcases Ruby’s resourcefulness, adaptability, and clever use of her powers.

It highlights her ability to think on her feet and outsmart her enemies, despite the incredibly high stakes. By erasing herself from the memories of the government agents, Ruby levels the playing field and maintains her autonomy, allowing her to continue fighting against the oppressive forces at play.

The scene also foreshadows the potential for greater power and control that Ruby possesses, hinting at the possibility for her to become a leader in the resistance movement. Overall, this pivotal moment emphasizes Ruby’s growth as a character and her determination to shape her own destiny, rather than succumbing to the control of others.