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6 Best Moments from The Call of the Wild Movie


Title: The Call of the Wild

Release Date: 19/02/2020

Genres: Adventure, Family, Drama


“The Call of the Wild” tells the extraordinary journey of Buck, a domesticated St. Bernard/Scotch Collie mix who finds himself torn away from his comfortable life in California and thrown into the harsh and unforgiving wilderness of the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1890s. The film opens in Santa Clara, California, where Buck resides with Judge Miller and his family.

A pampered and beloved house pet, Buck’s life takes an unexpected turn when he is stolen and sold as a sled dog. Buck is transported to the remote Alaskan wilderness, where he is thrust into a world he has never known.

Throughout his treacherous journey, Buck encounters a variety of colorful and unforgettable characters. He is taken under the wing of a seasoned and wise sled dog named Curly, who teaches him the ropes of surviving in this new brutal environment.

Buck also meets and forms a bond with John Thornton, a loner and gold prospector who rescues him from an abusive owner. Under Thornton’s care, Buck begins to rediscover his ancestral instincts and taps into his primal nature.

With each passing day, Buck becomes more attuned to the call of the wild, as if he is being drawn back to his roots. Through perilous encounters with other animals and the challenges of the frozen wilderness, Buck learns the importance of trust, loyalty, and the power of one’s inner strength.

As Buck adapts to the harsh conditions, he also witnesses the greed and savagery of human nature during the gold rush. The film explores themes of resilience, survival, and the connection between humans and animals.

It raises questions about our relationship with the natural world and how society often tames and suppresses our true nature. With stunning visuals and breathtaking cinematography, “The Call of the Wild” transports viewers into the heart of the Alaskan wilderness.

The vast frozen landscapes, treacherous icy rivers, and the rugged beauty of the Yukon serve as a backdrop to Buck’s transformation from a domesticated dog to a free and wild creature. The movie not only captures the physical challenges of surviving in such an environment but also delves into the emotional and psychological changes that occur within Buck.

His journey becomes a metaphorical exploration of humanity’s own struggle with wilderness, and the film encourages viewers to embrace their own inner wildness and reconnect with nature. “The Call of the Wild” is a heartwarming and thrilling adventure that will captivate audiences of all ages.

It showcases the power of the human-animal bond, the resilience of the human spirit, and the primal call that beckons us all to return to nature. Buck’s transformation is a reminder that even in the most dire circumstances, true freedom can be found when we let go of societal constraints and listen to the wild call that dwells within us all.

6 Best Scenes from The Call of the Wild

Scene 1: Buck’s Abduction from His Comfortable Life andto the Harsh Wilderness

In this pivotal scene, Buck, a domesticated St. Bernard-Scotch Collie mix, is forcefully abducted from his comfortable life in Santa Clara, California. He is taken by a group of strangers who intend on selling him as a sled dog in the snowy wilderness of the Yukon.

Buck’s secure and leisurely existence is abruptly shattered as he is thrust into a world far removed from the comforts of home. This scene is significant as it marks the turning point for Buck, who transitions from a pampered family pet to a wild and untamed creature.

It sets the tone for the entire film, highlighting the stark contrast between civilization and the unforgiving wilderness. Buck’s abduction sparks a journey of self-discovery and survival as he learns to adapt to his new environment and taps into his true primal instincts.

Scene 2: Buck’s Initial Encounters with His Human Companions

After his abduction, Buck is introduced to his human companions, a diverse group of gold prospectors in the Yukon. Led by the grizzled and experienced Perrault, they appreciate Buck’s strength and endurance, recognizing his potential as a sled dog.

However, Buck’s uncooperative nature and initial ignorance of the laws of the wild make for a rocky start. These early encounters are crucial in showcasing Buck’s transformation from a domesticated pet to a wild animal.

The scenes depict Buck’s struggle to navigate the hierarchy of the sled dog team and earn the respect of his fellow canines. They highlight the clash between Buck’s lingering domestication and his budding instincts, emphasizing his gradual acclimation to the brutal realities of life in the wilderness.

Scene 3: Buck’s Bond with John

Throughout his journey, Buck forms a profound bond with John Thornton, a kind-hearted and empathetic man who rescues him from an abusive owner. Their relationship becomes the emotional core of the film, as John recognizes Buck’s intelligence and wild spirit, treating him with love and respect.

Together, they embark on a quest for gold, deep into the unforgiving Yukon wilderness. This scene is significant as it explores the themes of loyalty, friendship, and the innate connection between human and animal.

Buck’s bond with John presents a stark contrast to his earlier traumatic experiences, emphasizing the redemptive power of love and compassion. It signifies Buck’s emergence as a confident and capable creature, capable of both fierce independence and unwavering devotion.

The pivotal moments described above are essential to the overall narrative structure of “The Call of the Wild.” They serve as catalysts for Buck’s transformation, highlighting his journey from a pampered pet to a resilient and self-reliant being. These scenes underscore the film’s central themes of survival, adaptation, and the primal call that beckons all creatures back to their roots.

Through these significant moments, “The Call of the Wild” explores the timeless and universal quest for belonging, reminding audiences of the untamed spirit that resides within us all. Scene 4: Buck’s Encounter with the Cruel Dog Owner

In this pivotal scene, Buck crosses paths with a cruel and ruthless dog owner, Hal.

Hal mistreats his dogs and lacks any sense of compassion or understanding towards them. Witnessing this abuse, Buck stands up against Hal, refusing to obey his commands.

Despite the severe consequences, Buck’s defiance showcases his strength and unwillingness to succumb to the cruelty around him. This scene is significant as it highlights the stark contrast between John’s kindness and the brutality of other humans.

Buck’s courageous act of standing up against Hal underscores his unwavering loyalty to those who treat him with respect. It also serves as a reminder of the harsh realities that many animals face at the hands of humans, further emphasizing the importance of compassion and empathy.

Scene 5: Buck’s Transformation into a Respected Leader

As the film progresses, Buck’s journey of adaptation in the wilderness reaches a critical point. Through various trials and challenges, Buck evolves into a skilled and respected leader among a pack of wild wolves.

He embraces his primal instincts and becomes a formidable force, commanding respect and asserting his dominance. This scene is significant as it symbolizes Buck’s complete transformation and acceptance of his new environment.

It demonstrates his growth from a domesticated dog to a fierce and self-assured creature of the wild. Buck’s transformation into a respected leader underscores the film’s overarching theme of rediscovering one’s true nature and finding one’s place in the world.

Scene 6: The Final Reunion between Buck and John

In the climactic final scene, Buck and John are reunited after a period of separation. Their reunion is a testament to the enduring bond they share, showcasing John’s unwavering love for Buck and Buck’s unwavering loyalty towards his devoted owner.

The two share a heartfelt moment, celebrating their deep connection and the freedom that Buck has found. This scene is significant as it represents the culmination of Buck’s journey, where he finally returns to the one person who has shown him true kindness and understanding.

Buck’s reunion with John affirms the film’s message of the power of love and compassion, transcending boundaries and uniting hearts. It serves as a triumphant conclusion to Buck’s story, highlighting his ultimate return to freedom and fulfillment.