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6 Best Moments from Tarzan Movie


Title: Tarzan

Release Date: 18/06/1999

Genres: Family, Adventure, Animation, Drama


Tarzan, released in 1999, is a thrilling animated adventure film that tells the legendary tale of a young boy raised by apes deep in the heart of the African jungle. Directed by Chris Buck and Kevin Lima, this Disney classic explores themes of identity, belonging, and the power of love.

The story begins in the late 1800s when a shipwreck leaves a couple stranded on the shores of Africa. With their ingenuity and resourcefulness, they build a treehouse and start a new life in the wilderness.

Unbeknownst to them, however, a leopard named Sabor has been lurking nearby, and she takes advantage of their vulnerability, ruthlessly attacking them. Although the husband manages to kill Sabor, he is gravely wounded and dies shortly after.

At the same time, a gorilla family led by the wise Kala discovers the treehouse and its heartbreaking tragedy. They enter the empty house, finding a baby boy, the lone survivor of the shipwreck.

Although initially hesitant, Kala’s maternal instincts tell her to take the baby and raise him as her own. She names him Tarzan.

Years pass, and Tarzan grows up, showing incredible agility, strength, and an uncanny ability to communicate with the animals around him. Meanwhile, the gorilla troop struggles to protect their homeland from the invasive presence of humans, particularly a hunting party led by Clayton, who is accompanied by a poacher, Jane, and her father, Professor Porter.

With the gorillas facing the threat of extinction, Kala and her mate Kerchak urge Tarzan to steer clear of humans. However, Tarzan’s curiosity about his origins and the world beyond the jungle drives him to bond with Jane and her father.

Jane is fascinated by Tarzan’s unique existence, and together they begin to develop a deep connection. As Tarzan learns more about human culture and society, he grapples with the question of his identity and where he truly belongs.

Tarzan’s journey of self-discovery becomes even more complicated when Clayton reveals his true intentions of capturing and exploiting the gorillas for profit. Tarzan must now step up and protect the ones he loves, risking his own life to save his animal family and prevent the destruction of the jungle.

With stunning animation and captivating music by Phil Collins, Tarzan takes audiences on a breathtaking adventure through the lush African rainforest. The film beautifully depicts the natural wonders of the jungle and the intricate dynamics of its animal inhabitants.

From heart-pounding chase sequences to emotional encounters, Tarzan keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, showcasing the triumph of love, courage, and loyalty. The characters in Tarzan are richly developed and relatable.

Tarzan, voiced by Tony Goldwyn, embodies the struggle between his animal instincts and his yearning for acceptance among humans. Jane, played by Minnie Driver, is a spirited and intelligent heroine who discovers a world she never knew existed.

Kala, voiced by Glenn Close, becomes a mother figure to Tarzan, guiding him with unwavering love and support. And Clayton, portrayed by Brian Blessed, represents humanity’s destructive tendencies and the loss of respect for nature.

Tarzan is not only an exciting adventure but also a story that teaches valuable lessons about acceptance, the power of family, and the importance of protecting our environment. It is a film that invites viewers to reflect on their own identity and consider the bonds that connect all living beings.

In conclusion, Tarzan is a must-watch movie that captivates audiences of all ages by immersing them in a thrilling jungle adventure. Its vivid animation, compelling characters, and powerful themes make it a timeless tale that enchants and inspires.

So grab a bucket of popcorn, settle into your favorite spot, and prepare to be swept away by the extraordinary world of Tarzan.

6 Best Scenes from Tarzan

1. Tarzan’s parents are killed by a leopard, leaving him orphaned in the jungle:

In this pivotal scene, Tarzan’s life is forever changed when tragedy strikes.

While his parents are exploring the African jungle, they are suddenly attacked and killed by a vicious leopard. As a baby, Tarzan is left alone and vulnerable, his world crumbling around him.

This moment is significant as it sets the stage for Tarzan’s journey of self-discovery and identity. Orphaned and alone, Tarzan must navigate the harsh jungle environment, forging his own path in order to survive.

The loss of his parents not only ignites his fierce determination but also fuels his longing for a family and belonging. This tragic event acts as the catalyst for the entire film’s narrative, propelling Tarzan on his quest to find his true place in the world.

2. Tarzan befriends a group of gorillas, led by the wise and compassionate Kerchek:

In this heartwarming and transformative scene, Tarzan encounters a group of gorillas for the first time.

Initially, the gorillas, led by the strict and protective Kerchek, view Tarzan as a threat. However, Tarzan’s genuine curiosity and innocence eventually win them over.

Through acts of kindness and understanding, Tarzan establishes a bond with the gorillas, especially with Kerchek’s mate, Kala, who becomes a mother figure to him. This pivotal moment showcases Tarzan’s ability to bridge the gap between two different species and highlights his unique ability to empathize with animals.

It is through his connection with the gorillas that Tarzan begins to discover his true identity and learns valuable lessons about family, loyalty, and acceptance. This moment is significant as it marks the beginning of Tarzan’s transformation from a boy raised by animals to a leader who can bring harmony between humans and nature.

3. Tarzan saves Jane Porter from a pack of baboons, sparking a deep connection between them:

In this thrilling and significant scene, Tarzan showcases his bravery and heroism as he rescues Jane Porter from a dangerous encounter with a pack of aggressive baboons.

Tarzan swings down from the trees with lightning speed, using his agility and jungle survival skills to fend off the baboons and protect Jane. This act of bravery not only impresses Jane but also sparks a deep connection between them.

The scene highlights Tarzan’s unique abilities as a “man of the jungle” and his willingness to put himself in harm’s way to save others. As Tarzan and Jane’s bond develops throughout the film, their relationship becomes a central aspect of the narrative, representing the meeting of two different worlds and the potential for love and understanding to transcend societal barriers.

This scene is significant as it marks the beginning of a blossoming romance and sets the stage for the challenges Tarzan and Jane must face in order to be together. It also serves as a turning point for Tarzan’s character growth, as it showcases his capacity for empathy and compassion towards humans, further solidifying his internal struggle between his two identities.

Overall, the scene exemplifies the film’s themes of love, bravery, and the power of connection. 4.

Tarzan discovers his true identity as a human, leading to a conflict between his loyalty to the gorillas and his desire to join human society:

In this pivotal scene, Tarzan stumbles upon a campsite belonging to a group of human explorers, including Jane Porter and her father, Professor Archimedes Q. Porter.

Tarzan is fascinated by these humans and their culture, and through interactions with them, he begins to question his own identity. With the help of Jane and her father, Tarzan learns about his origins and realizes that he is, in fact, a human.

This revelation creates a conflict within Tarzan between his loyalty to the gorillas who raised him and his longing to be a part of the human world. This internal struggle becomes a central theme in the film.

The scene is significant as it marks a turning point in Tarzan’s journey of self-discovery and sets the stage for the emotional conflict he must grapple with as he navigates between two worlds. 5.

Tarzan’s encounter with Clayton, a villainous hunter, who plans to capture and sell the gorillas:

In this intense and suspenseful scene, Tarzan comes face to face with Clayton, a ruthless hunter who has infiltrated the jungle with the intention of capturing and selling gorillas for profit. Tarzan, fueled by his love and loyalty for his gorilla family, confronts Clayton and does everything in his power to protect them from harm.

This confrontation not only showcases Tarzan’s physical strength and bravery but also highlights his unwavering commitment to the well-being of the jungle and its inhabitants. The scene is significant as it represents the culmination of Tarzan’s growth from a lost orphan to a fearless protector.

It also serves as a powerful statement against the exploitation of nature and the importance of preserving the delicate balance between humans and wildlife. 6.

Tarzan defeats Clayton and saves his gorilla family, ultimately choosing to stay in the jungle with them:

In this climactic and emotionally charged scene, Tarzan engages in a fierce battle with Clayton, determined to save his gorilla family from harm. With his agility, resourcefulness, and sheer determination, Tarzan outwits Clayton and ultimately defeats him, preventing the capture and sale of the gorillas.

As the fight ensues, Tarzan not only demonstrates his physical prowess but also showcases his growth as a leader and his unwavering love for his gorilla family. Following Clayton’s defeat, Tarzan makes the life-altering decision to stay in the jungle with his gorilla family, recognizing that his true home and purpose lie there.

This transformative moment represents Tarzan fully embracing his identity and solidifying his role as both a protector and a member of the gorilla community. The scene is significant as it brings resolution to Tarzan’s internal conflict and marks a powerful transition in his character arc, showcasing his growth, maturity, and the embodiment of his true self.