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6 Best Moments from Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie


Title: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Release Date: 13/12/2017

Genres: Adventure, Action, Science Fiction


Star Wars: The Last Jedi takes place immediately after the events of The Force Awakens and continues the saga of Rey, Finn, and Poe as they confront their destinies and the ongoing battle between the Resistance and the First Order. The movie begins with the Resistance evacuating their base, which is under attack from the First Order.

Led by General Leia Organa, the Resistance fighters manage to escape, but not without significant losses. Rey, the powerful Force-sensitive scavenger from Jakku, has found Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi, and now seeks his guidance and training.

However, Luke is reluctant to return to the fight and help Rey in her journey. Meanwhile, Rey discovers a strong connection with Kylo Ren, striving to understand his inner conflict as she sees the light still present within him.

Kylo Ren, tempted by the power of the dark side, becomes increasingly obsessed with proving himself to Supreme Leader Snoke, who seeks to crush the Resistance and eliminate any Jedi threat. As Rey and Kylo Ren’s paths intertwine, they both struggle with their identities and the battle between good and evil.

Back on the Resistance’s ship, Finn awakens from his injuries and teams up with Rose, a maintenance worker, to embark on a secret mission. They discover a master codebreaker on the luxurious planet of Canto Bight, hoping that he can help them disable the First Order’s tracking system.

This mission takes them through a thrilling chase and opens their eyes to the encompassing war profiteering present in the galaxy. Throughout the movie, the characters undergo their own personal journeys, facing harsh realities and grappling with their beliefs.

Rey grapples with her lineage and discovers her own immense power while simultaneously seeking guidance from Luke. Finn learns the true nature of heroism and sacrifice, finding his place within the Resistance.

Poe, the daring pilot, learns the importance of strategy and leadership, understanding that sometimes restraint is the key to survival. The Last Jedi delves deep into the themes of legacy and the balance between light and dark.

It challenges the notion of heroes and legends and explores the idea that anyone, regardless of their background, can have a significant impact on the galaxy. The movie also examines the role of failure in growth and personal development, emphasizing that mistakes do not define a person but rather how they choose to learn from them.

As the Resistance faces increasing desolation and dwindling hope, a final climactic battle ensues on the salt-covered planet of Crait. The iconic confrontation between the Resistance and the First Order pushes the characters to their limits, challenging them to confront their fears and make a stand against the overwhelming power of their enemies.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a thrilling and emotionally charged installment in the Star Wars saga. With breathtaking visuals, intense action sequences, and compelling performances, the movie invites audiences to become immersed in a universe filled with rich mythology and complex characters.

It raises questions about identity, the choices we make, and the power of redemption, promising an exhilarating and thought-provoking experience for both longtime fans and newcomers to the franchise.

6 Best Scenes from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

1. Kylo Ren killing Supreme Leader Snoke:

In this pivotal scene, Kylo Ren, who has been struggling with his allegiance to the dark side throughout the film, makes a shocking decision that changes the course of the story.

Acting as Snoke’s loyal apprentice, Kylo Ren pretends to be on the same side as he and Rey attempt to defeat Snoke together. However, with his intense hatred for both Snoke and the Resistance, Kylo Ren reveals a hidden agenda.

Just as Snoke boasts about controlling Kylo’s every move, Kylo ignites the Skywalker lightsaber, cutting Snoke in half. This unexpected twist showcases Kylo’s assertiveness and his gradual transformation into a complex character.

It also marks a turning point for the plot, as Kylo Ren takes the reins and becomes the supreme leader of the First Order. His actions not only secure his authority but also set up an intense conflict between him and Rey, ultimately shaping the film’s climax.

2. Luke Skywalker’s projection on Crait:

In a visually stunning and emotionally charged scene, Luke Skywalker appears on the mineral planet Crait as a Force projection.

As a symbol of hope and inspiration, his sudden return ignites a spark of resistance for the beleaguered rebels. Luke single-handedly confronts Kylo Ren, providing a distraction to allow the remaining Resistance members to escape.

In doing so, he also offers a glimpse of his true power, simultaneously surprising Kylo and the audience. This scene encapsulates the theme of hope and the legacy of the Jedi, as Luke channels the teachings of his master, Yoda, to ignite a spark of resistance in the face of overwhelming odds.

Luke’s selfless sacrifice and his final words to Leia, “No one’s ever really gone,” provide closure and serve as a poignant reminder that even in desperate times, there is always hope. This moment significantly impacts the plot progression as it cements Luke’s role as a legend, inspiring a new generation of Force users and sparking a renewed hope for the Resistance.

3. Rey and Kylo Ren’s Force connection and fight scene in the Throne Room:

The Force connection established between Rey and Kylo Ren is a core element of “The Last Jedi,” and it reaches its climax in the Throne Room scene.

Rey, after being captured by Kylo, initially believes there is still good in him and hopes to turn him to the light side. As they face Snoke and his Praetorian Guards, their connection deepens, allowing them to fight together as a team.

The intense battle showcases their individual fighting skills and the raw power they possess. However, just as Rey thinks she has succeeded in bringing Kylo back to the light, his true intentions are revealed.

In a shocking twist, Kylo kills Snoke and offers Rey a seat by his side, proposing a new world order. Rey rejects his offer, affirming her loyalty to the Resistance.

This scene serves as a major turning point in the film, displaying the complex dynamic between Rey and Kylo and the internal struggle within Kylo’s character. It sets the stage for their ultimate confrontation and showcases Rey’s determination to carry on the fight against the dark side.

Additionally, it reveals the instability within the First Order and sets the stage for future conflicts, as Kylo Ren solidifies his position as the primary antagonist. 4.

Holdo sacrificing herself to save the Resistance fleet:

In a critical moment when the Resistance is on the verge of destruction, Vice Admiral Holdo makes a courageous decision to save her fellow rebels. With the First Order relentlessly pursuing them, Holdo plans to evacuate the remaining Resistance members using the shuttles.

However, her secret plan involves sacrificing herself and the Raddus, the Resistance capital ship, as a distraction. In a daring maneuver, she jumps to lightspeed and slices through the First Order’s fleet, obliterating multiple Star Destroyers.

Holdo’s sacrifice not only allows the Resistance to escape but also solidifies her role as a true leader and inspires her comrades. This scene highlights Holdo’s selflessness and commitment to the cause, ultimately setting the groundwork for Poe Dameron’s growth and understanding of leadership.

5. Leia using the Force to save herself after being sucked into space:

In a moment of unexpected peril, General Leia Organa finds herself floating aimlessly in the vacuum of space after the Resistance flagship is attacked.

In a stunning display of the Force, Leia regains consciousness and uses her abilities to pull herself back towards the ship. This scene showcases Leia’s latent Force sensitivity, revealing her connection to the mystical powers.

Furthermore, it reaffirms her resilience and determination, as she refuses to be a victim of circumstance. Leia’s survival in this dire situation has a significant impact on the plot progression, as it sets up her continued leadership within the Resistance and sets the stage for her eventual reunion with Luke Skywalker.

6. Yoda’s appearance and conversation with Luke on Ahch-To:

As Luke Skywalker contemplates burning down the ancient Jedi texts, he is unexpectedly visited by the Force ghost of Master Yoda.

Seeking guidance and reassurance, Luke is met with Yoda’s witty and profound wisdom. Yoda’s appearance serves as a reminder of the past, the failures of the Jedi Order, and the importance of learning from one’s mistakes.

He encourages Luke to let go of his fear and self-doubt, emphasizing that failure is a vital part of growth and that the true role of the Jedi is to pass on their teachings. Yoda’s appearance and conversation with Luke deepen his journey of self-discovery and rekindle his hope and purpose.

This pivotal scene ultimately propels Luke forward on his path to redemption and plays a crucial role in establishing a new direction for the Jedi Order, as Luke learns from his mistakes and decides to train a new generation of Force users.