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6 Best Moments from Predator 2 Movie


Title: Predator 2

Release Date: 20/11/1990

Genres: Science Fiction, Action, Thriller


Predator 2 takes place in the crime-ridden streets of Los Angeles in the near future. The city is amidst a brutal gang war between the Jamaican Voodoo Posse and the Colombian Scorpions, with chaos reigning supreme.

In the midst of this urban battleground, a horrifying predator, not of this world, arrives to hunt for its prey. The film opens with a fierce shootout between the police force, led by Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (played by Danny Glover), and the gangs.

As the city falls into chaos, the predator begins stalking the streets, leaving a trail of brutalized bodies in its wake. Harrigan, an experienced and determined officer, is called to investigate these seemingly inexplicable homicides.

Harrigan soon finds himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the alien predator. As more bodies pile up, he is joined by a government team led by Peter Keyes (played by Gary Busey).

Keyes is studying the predator’s hunting patterns and weaponry, hoping to capture it alive. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman named Leona (played by Maria Conchita Alonso) captures Harrigan’s attention.

As the violence escalates, Harrigan’s relentless pursuit of the predator becomes personal. The predator targets the Jamaican Voodoo Posse and the Colombian Scorpions, leaving both gangs in a state of fear and desperation.

As the predator continues its relentless hunting, Harrigan learns about its true nature. It is an extraterrestrial creature that thrives on the thrill of the hunt, using advanced technology and brutal tactics to kill its prey.

Armed with this knowledge, Harrigan becomes determined to end the predator’s killing spree, even at the cost of his own life. The climax of the movie takes place in an abandoned skyscraper.

The predator, having successfully lured Harrigan to this final confrontation, must face the lieutenant’s unwavering determination and resilience. In a brutal and intense battle, Harrigan uses his wit and resourcefulness to gain the upper hand.

The predator, undeterred by injuries, fights back with ferocity. During this epic battle, Harrigan discovers the predator’s vulnerability it is sensitive to extreme heat.

Realizing this, Harrigan uses his surroundings to his advantage, ultimately defeating the alien hunter. However, just as victory seems within reach, Harrigan is faced with a startling revelation about the predator’s presence on Earth.

Predator 2 explores themes of survival, sacrifice, and the indomitable human spirit. It showcases the resilience of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds, and the lengths one person will go to protect their community and loved ones.

The movie also delves into the darker aspects of society, portraying a city consumed by violence and crime, with the predator acting as an embodiment of chaos and terror. With its thrilling action sequences, intense performances, and unique blend of science fiction and horror, Predator 2 is a gripping and suspenseful movie that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

As Harrigan battles both human and extraterrestrial adversaries, the question of who is the true predator becomes blurred, offering a thought-provoking exploration of humanity’s capacity for violence and survival.

6 Best Scenes from Predator 2

1. The predator arrives in Los Angeles and starts hunting gang members:

In this pivotal scene, the predator makes its first appearance in Los Angeles, unleashing its hunting instincts on a group of violent gang members.

As the scene unfolds, chaos erupts in the dark, crime-ridden streets as the predator cloaks itself and moves with deadly precision. Its infrared vision and advanced weaponry allow it to effortlessly pick off the gang members one by one, leaving a trail of blood in its wake.

This scene is significant as it establishes the predator’s relentless pursuit of prey and sets the tone for the escalating violence in the film. It showcases the predator’s superior technology and strength, instantly capturing the attention of Detective Mike Harrigan, who becomes determined to uncover the truth behind these gruesome killings.

The predator’s arrival in Los Angeles also serves as a catalyst for the further exploration of the city’s underbelly and the dangerous confrontation between humans and an extraterrestrial adversary. 2.

Detective Mike Harrigan engages in a rooftop chase and confronts the predator face-to-face for the first time:

In this tense rooftop chase sequence, Detective Harrigan finds himself in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse with the predator. As he relentlessly pursues the creature, they leap across rooftops, navigating a treacherous urban landscape.

The chase ultimately leads to a confrontation where Harrigan comes face-to-face with the predator, witnessing its horrifying appearance up close. This scene is pivotal as it marks a turning point in the plot and showcases Harrigan’s unwavering determination to stop the predator.

The encounter gives Harrigan a glimpse into the predator’s true nature and challenges his notions of conventional warfare. It also deepens the mystery surrounding the predator and raises the stakes for Harrigan, pushing him to dig deeper into the predator’s origins and motivations.

The rooftop chase and confrontation serve as a crucial moment of character development for Harrigan, setting him on a collision course with the predator and heightening the tension as the film progresses. 3.

The predator kills several members of a Colombian drug cartel, highlighting its indiscriminate targets:

In this brutal and intense scene, the predator sets its sights on a Colombian drug cartel, swiftly eliminating their heavily armed guards with ruthless efficiency. The scene showcases the brutal capabilities of the predator as it moves through the cartel’s stronghold, overwhelming them with its superior technology and cunning tactics.

This scene is significant as it highlights the predator’s lack of discrimination when it comes to choosing its targets. By targeting the drug cartel, the predator challenges society’s conventional notions of good and evil, showing that it does not differentiate between law-abiding citizens and criminals.

This indiscriminate killing spree further fuels Harrigan’s determination to bring the predator to justice, as he witnesses the predator’s capacity for extreme violence firsthand. Overall, these three pivotal scenes in Predator 2 not only contribute to the film’s narrative structure by advancing the plot and raising the stakes but also provide key insights into the predator’s modus operandi and its impact on the characters involved.

By delving into the predator’s relentless pursuit, Harrigan’s personal confrontation, and the predator’s indiscriminate targets, the film explores themes of survival, identity, and the blurred lines between hunter and hunted. 4.

Harrigan discovers the predator’s trophy room, displaying the skulls of various alien species:

In this chilling scene, Harrigan discovers the predator’s hidden trophy room, a macabre collection of skulls from various alien species. As he explores the room, he is confronted with the grim reality that the predator is not just hunting humans but has been a formidable predator across the galaxy.

The room is filled with the remains of other creatures, each a testament to the predator’s deadly skills and relentless pursuit. This scene is significant as it deepens the mythology of the predator, expanding its role beyond just a singular threat to humanity.

It raises questions about the predator’s origins, its cultural practices, and its motivations for hunting. The discovery also serves as a turning point for Harrigan, as he realizes the magnitude of the danger he faces and the need to confront the predator on its own terms.

It fuels his determination to bring an end to the hunt and emerges as a hero. 5.

The predator spares Harrigan’s life after recognizing his bravery and honor:

In a surprising turn of events, the predator, after a grueling battle, spares Harrigan’s life. This pivotal moment occurs when the predator, injured and at a disadvantage, acknowledges Harrigan’s bravery and honor.

The predator removes its mask, revealing its face, and extends a hand as a sign of respect. This scene is significant as it subverts expectations and adds a layer of complexity to the predator’s character.

It reveals that the predator operates according to its own code of honor, and it recognizes similar qualities in Harrigan. The moment also showcases the growth of Harrigan’s character throughout the film, as his courage and determination have gained the respect of his alien adversary.

It challenges the audience’s perception of the predator as purely evil, hinting at a nuanced understanding of its motivations and actions. 6.

Harrigan defeats the predator in a final battle using its own weapons and technology:

In the climactic final battle, Harrigan, armed with the knowledge of the predator’s weaknesses and its own weapons, engages in a deadly confrontation. Utilizing his resourcefulness and sheer willpower, Harrigan outsmarts the predator and delivers a fatal blow, ultimately defeating the seemingly unstoppable alien creature.

This scene is the culmination of the film’s narrative, as Harrigan confronts the predator head-on, avenging the lives lost and restoring a semblance of balance. It showcases his growth as a character, transforming from a determined detective into a true hero.

The battle also unearths the predator’s vulnerability, highlighting its fallibility and reinforcing the theme that no being is invincible. The scene resolves the conflict that has been building throughout the film, providing a satisfying conclusion to the story arc.

Overall, these three pivotal scenes in Predator 2 play crucial roles in developing the predator’s mythology, highlighting its code of honor, and showcasing Harrigan’s growth as a character. They delve into themes of identity, the duality of predator and prey, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Through the discovery of the trophy room, the predator sparing Harrigan’s life, and the thrilling final battle, the film explores the complex dynamics between the predator and its human counterparts, offering a deeper understanding of their relationship and motivations.