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6 Best Moments from Partysaurus Rex Movie


Title: Partysaurus Rex

Release Date: 14/09/2012

Genres: Family, Animation, Comedy


Partysaurus Rex is a delightful and entertaining short film released in 2012 as part of the Toy Story franchise. Directed by Mark A.

Walsh, it follows the adventures of Rex, the lovable dinosaur toy, who becomes the unexpected life of the party. The film is set in the familiar world of Andy’s bedroom, where all the toys come to life when humans are not around.

One evening, the toys find themselves left behind in the bathroom by Bonnie, Andy’s young sister, who is taking a bath. In an attempt to escape the monotony of their surroundings, Rex, feeling overshadowed by his more outgoing friends, decides to take matters into his own hands and throw an epic party.

As soon as Bonnie leaves, Rex springs into action. He turns on the bathtub faucet, creating a magnificent fountain that instantly sets the stage for an unforgettable bash.

Rex quickly rounds up his fellow partygoers, including Woody, Buzz, and characters from various corners of the bathroom, all eager to let loose and have a great time. The party kicks off with a bang, and Rex emerges as the unlikely star of the evening.

He leads the other toys in extravagant dance moves, applying his overzealous energy to entertain his friends with his unique, albeit clumsy, style. Through his sheer enthusiasm and infectious spirit, Rex proves that he possesses an untapped potential for fun and excitement.

However, as the party reaches its peak, the toys accidentally trigger the shower, causing a sudden flood in the bathroom. While his friends panic, Rex refuses to let the unexpected setback dampen the festive atmosphere.

He embraces the chaotic turn of events and transforms the flood into an exhilarating, waterslide-like experience. The toys excitedly slide, splash, and laugh, enjoying the unexpected turn of events.

Just when the toys think the party is over, they are interrupted by a surprise appearance from the bath-time toys: a rubber duck and a group of figurines. With their synchronized swimming routine and bubble entertainment, the bath toys join the celebration, making the party even more lively and enjoyable.

Together, they prove that embracing unexpected guests can lead to new friendships and unforgettable experiences. As the party comes to an end and Bonnie re-enters the bathroom, Rex and his friends quickly return to their toy positions, leaving no trace of their wild adventure.

However, they carry the memories of their epic night with them and the knowledge that even the quietest and most timid toys can shine with the right opportunity and a little bit of confidence. Partysaurus Rex is a heartwarming and lighthearted story that reminds viewers of the importance of letting go, embracing spontaneity, and finding joy in unexpected moments.

Through Rex’s journey from a self-conscious wallflower to an animated party legend, the film explores themes of self-discovery, friendship, and being true to oneself. With dazzling animation, catchy music, and a charismatic lead character, Partysaurus Rex is sure to leave audiences of all ages with a smile on their faces and a renewed sense of fun and adventure.

6 Best Scenes from Partysaurus Rex

Scene 1: Rex turning on the bathtub disco party lights and starting the party. In this pivotal scene, Rex, the timid and overlooked dinosaur toy from the Toy Story franchise, finds himself in a new role as the party starter.

He turns on the disco lights in the bathtub and begins to groove to the music. His fellow bathtub toys, who were initially hesitant to join in the fun, are fascinated by Rex’s enthusiasm and energy.

This scene is significant as it marks a turning point for Rex’s character. He has always been seen as a nervous and anxious toy, constantly doubting his abilities and often overlooked by his fellow toys.

However, in this moment, Rex embraces his inner party animal and shows his friends a side of him they have never seen before. Not only does this scene bring a comedic element to the film, it also highlights the theme of self-discovery and acceptance.

Rex’s transformation from a shy and insecure toy to the life of the party is inspiring and relatable to viewers. It encourages them to embrace their own unique qualities and to not be afraid to step out of their comfort zones.

Furthermore, this scene sets the tone for the rest of the film, showing that Rex’s newfound confidence and outgoing nature will play a crucial role in the plot progression. His ability to bring joy and excitement to the bathtub toys’ lives will ultimately be the catalyst for the conflict and resolution that the film revolves around.

Scene 2: Rex rescuing his friends from being flushed down the toilet. In this thrilling and action-packed scene, Rex demonstrates his bravery and resourcefulness as he saves his friends from a perilous situation.

The villainous shower head toys have made it their mission to flush the bathtub toys down the toilet. As the water rises and his friends panic, Rex takes charge and formulates a plan.

Using his sharp teeth and agility, Rex manages to unkink the shower hose, redirecting the water flow and buying his friends enough time to escape the clutches of the shower heads. With a leap of faith, Rex himself narrowly escapes being flushed down the drain.

This scene is significant as it showcases Rex’s growth as a character. He has always been seen as the reluctant hero, often doubting his own abilities and overshadowed by other toys.

However, in this moment, Rex steps up and saves the day, proving to himself and his friends that he is capable of being a leader. Moreover, this scene propels the plot forward and introduces a new conflict for the bathtub toys.

It highlights the importance of teamwork and the bond between the toys as they work together to overcome their adversaries. Rex’s bravery and quick thinking ultimately lead to the resolution of this conflict and sets the stage for the film’s conclusion.

Overall, this scene emphasizes the theme of courage and loyalty, showing that even the most unlikely heroes can rise to the occasion and make a difference. Rex’s actions not only save his friends but also solidify his place as a central and vital character in the narrative structure of the film.

Scene 3: Rex asserting himself as the life of the party and gaining the respect of his fellow bathtub toys. In this heartwarming scene, Rex, who has previously been seen as a timid and overlooked toy, finally gains the recognition and respect he deserves.

After orchestrating an epic bathtub party, complete with disco lights and dance moves, Rex transforms into the life of the party, captivating his fellow bathtub toys with his newfound confidence and charisma. His friends, who had initially underestimated Rex’s abilities, are in awe of his entertaining skills and begin to look up to him as a leader.

They follow his lead, mirroring his dance moves and joining in the festivities. Rex’s transformation from a hesitant and insecure toy to the center of attention highlights his character growth and journey of self-discovery.

This scene is significant as it reinforces the themes of acceptance and friendship that are central to the film. It shows that true friendship is not based on physical appearances or traditional notions of strength, but is instead rooted in accepting and embracing each other’s unique qualities.

Furthermore, this scene serves as a turning point in the plot, as it establishes Rex as a pivotal character in the resolution of the film’s conflict. His newfound confidence and ability to bring joy and excitement to the lives of his friends will ultimately play a crucial role in overcoming the challenges they face.

Overall, this scene showcases the power of self-acceptance and the ability to overcome adversity. It is a heartwarming moment that not only brings laughter and joy to viewers but also reminds them of the importance of embracing their true selves and celebrating their individuality.

Scene 4: Rex’s struggle to keep the party going amidst the water draining from the bathtub. As the party is in full swing, Rex encounters a new obstacle that threatens to bring an end to the festivities.

The water in the bathtub begins to drain rapidly, causing the toys to lose their footing and struggle to keep up their dance moves. Rex, determined to not let the party fizzle out, attempts to rally his friends and find a solution.

Despite their best efforts, the toys are unable to prevent the water from draining. Rex’s usual doubts and insecurities start to resurface as he sees his friends becoming disheartened.

However, in a moment of inspiration, Rex realizes that the drain stopper can be used to save the party. He quickly retrieves it and plugs the drain, allowing the tub to fill up with water again.

This scene is significant as it highlights Rex’s perseverance and problem-solving skills. It demonstrates his growth as a character, showing that he can not only overcome physical obstacles but also find innovative solutions to keep the party going.

It also reinforces the theme of friendship and the importance of not giving up when faced with challenges. Scene 5: Rex’s bold decision to sacrifice himself by getting flushed down the toilet in order to save his friends.

As the party resumes, the shower head toys return with a vengeance. They manage to overpower Rex’s friends and threaten to flush them down the toilet.

Feeling a sense of responsibility for their safety, Rex makes a brave and selfless decision. He volunteers to sacrifice himself by allowing the shower heads to flush him down the drain, ensuring the safety of his friends.

This scene is a defining moment for Rex’s character. It showcases his unwavering loyalty and willingness to put others before himself.

It emphasizes the themes of bravery and sacrifice, highlighting the depth of Rex’s character and his growth throughout the film. The scene also introduces a new level of emotional stakes in the plot, as the audience worries about Rex’s fate and what it means for the rest of the toys.

Scene 6: Rex’s triumphant return as the ultimate party animal, turning the bathroom into a wild dance floor. In a surprising twist, Rex manages to survive the journey through the pipes and emerges in the bathroom with a burst of energy and confidence.

Reunited with his friends, Rex becomes the ultimate party animal, taking the energy to a whole new level. He orchestrates a wild dance floor, turning the bathroom into an epic party scene.

This scene is a culmination of Rex’s character arc and the central theme of self-discovery. Rex has finally shed his insecurities and proved to himself and his friends that he is capable of being the life of the party.

It showcases the power of resilience and determination, as Rex not only survives but thrives in the face of adversity. Furthermore, this scene provides a satisfying conclusion to the plot, as the toys celebrate their victory and embrace their unique personalities.

It serves as a reminder that it’s not about conforming to societal expectations, but rather embracing and cherishing one’s individuality. The scene leaves the audience with a sense of joy and triumph, reinforcing the film’s message of friendship and self-acceptance.