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6 Best Moments from No Manches Frida Movie


Title: No Manches Frida

Release Date: 02/09/2016

Genres: Comedy


No Manches Frida is a hilarious comedy that takes viewers on a wild and unexpected ride. Set in Mexico, the film follows the story of Zequi, a former bank robber who has just been released from prison after serving his sentence.

Determined to recover the stolen money he buried before getting caught, Zequi goes back to the school where he hid it, only to find that it has been turned into a prestigious high school. As Zequi poses as a substitute teacher to get closer to the money, he encounters a group of misfit students who have turned the school into a chaotic mess.

The students are rebellious, disrespectful, and unwilling to learn. Led by the troublemaker leader, Kiko, they are known for their pranks and antics that drive their teachers to the brink of insanity.

Despite the initial setbacks, Zequi discovers a loophole in the system that allows him to stay at the school as a teacher. With an ulterior motive in mind, he embarks on a mission to transform the unruly students into well-behaved individuals who actually care about their education.

Along the way, Zequi faces numerous challenges and obstacles as he tries to control the chaos and win the students’ respect. As the story unfolds, Zequi finds himself falling for Lucy, a dedicated and passionate teacher who is determined to bring positive change to the students’ lives.

Their budding romance adds a touch of sweetness to the otherwise chaotic environment of the school. Together, they navigate the challenges posed by Kiko and his gang, while also dealing with the school’s strict principal, Miss Gaby, who is constantly monitoring their progress.

The film’s plot takes unexpected turns when the truth behind the stolen money is revealed. Zequi’s motives become more complicated, and his path to redemption takes a surprising twist.

The characters evolve throughout the movie, with Zequi finding a renewed sense of purpose through his interactions with the students, and the students discovering their potential and the importance of education. No Manches Frida is a story about second chances, redemption, and the transformative power of education.

It explores themes of friendship, love, and the importance of believing in oneself. Through humor and heartwarming moments, it highlights the value of education in shaping young minds and the impact teachers can have on their students’ lives.

The movie showcases a vibrant and colorful Mexican setting, with lively and energetic performances from the cast. The comedic timing and chemistry between the characters keep the audience engaged and entertained throughout.

No Manches Frida is a comedy that embraces both laughter and heart, providing viewers with an uplifting and enjoyable cinematic experience. Overall, No Manches Frida is a delightful comedy filled with laughter, heart, and valuable life lessons.

It’s a story of unlikely heroes, unexpected friendships, and the power of change. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to laugh your way through the chaotic and hilarious world of No Manches Frida.

6 Best Scenes from No Manches Frida

1. Zequi gets released from prison and begins his job as a substitute teacher at a high school:

In this pivotal scene, Zequi, the main protagonist of the film, is released from prison and starts his new job as a substitute teacher at Frida Kahlo High School.

As he enters the chaotic school environment filled with rebellious and unruly students, Zequi quickly realizes the difficulty of his task. This scene sets the tone for the rest of the movie, highlighting Zequi’s unconventional and unorthodox teaching methods, as well as the challenges he will face as he tries to regain control over the misbehaving students.

It introduces the central conflict between Zequi and the students, emphasizing the comedic nature of their interactions and the potential for growth and transformation in both the characters and the overall narrative. 2.

Zequi meets Lucy, a fellow teacher, and their initial dislike for each other eventually turns into a romantic relationship:

In this significant moment, Zequi and Lucy, a strict and disciplined teacher, cross paths for the first time. Their initial interaction is marked by hostility and mutual dislike, with Lucy accusing Zequi of being irresponsible and lacking commitment to his job.

However, as the story progresses, their interactions show a gradual change in their attitudes towards each other, with Zequi showcasing his genuine care and concern for the students, and Lucy revealing her softer side. This scene marks the beginning of their complex and evolving relationship, which becomes a central focus of the plot.

Their romantic connection introduces a heartfelt element amidst the comedic chaos, providing a balance between humor and emotional depth in the film. It also serves as a catalyst for growth and personal development, as Zequi learns to value responsibilities and commitments, while Lucy learns to let go of her rigidity and embrace spontaneity.

3. Lucy discovers that Zequi stole money from the school and confronts him, leading to a falling out between the two:

This pivotal scene is the turning point in Zequi and Lucy’s relationship.

Lucy, suspicious of Zequi’s actions, discovers that he has stolen money from the school and confronts him about it. Zequi initially denies the accusations, but eventually admits to his wrongdoings.

This revelation shatters the trust and bond that had been forming between them, leading to a falling out between the two characters. This scene presents a moment of conflict and tension, bringing a serious undertone to the predominantly comedic film.

It showcases the consequences of Zequi’s past actions and the impact they have on his relationships, as well as his journey towards redemption. Additionally, this scene propels the plot forward, with Lucy’s discovery setting in motion a series of events that challenge Zequi to confront his mistakes, make amends, and ultimately, win back the trust and love of his students and colleagues.

4. Zequi organizes a team of misfit students to compete in a dance competition to win the prize money and save the school from foreclosure:

In this pivotal scene, Zequi recognizes that the only way to save Frida Kahlo High School from foreclosure is to win the upcoming dance competition, which offers a substantial cash prize.

Determined to rally the students together, Zequi passionately convinces a group of misfit students to join his team. Each student represents a different stereotype or social outcast, including the nerdy bookworm, the rebellious punk, and the introverted artist.

Through their unique talents, Zequi believes they can overcome their individual struggles and prove themselves as a united front. This scene highlights the power of teamwork, inclusion, and embracing individual strengths.

It creates a sense of hope and optimism, demonstrating that even the underdogs can achieve greatness when given a chance. It also sets the stage for the climactic dance competition, driving the plot towards an exhilarating finale.

5. The misfit students, along with Zequi and Lucy, perform an electrifying dance routine at the competition, impressing the judges and the audience:

In this electrifying scene, the misfit students, led by Zequi and joined by Lucy, take to the stage to showcase their well-rehearsed dance routine.

Their performance is marked by flawless choreography, synchronized movements, and an infectious energy that captivates the judges and the audience. The once ridiculed misfits prove their talent, defying expectations and immersing themselves in the sheer joy of dancing.

This climactic moment represents a pivotal turning point for the characters, as they overcome their personal insecurities and bond together as a family. The scene encapsulates the underlying themes of the movie, highlighting the transformative power of self-expression, determination, and embracing one’s true identity.

The electrifying dance routine not only showcases the immense growth and progression of the characters but also serves as a unifying force, inspiring the students, faculty, and even the audience to believe in their potential. It propels the narrative towards a triumphant resolution, instilling a sense of triumph and hijinks that leaves a lasting impact on the overall story.

6. Lucy reconciles with Zequi after realizing his true intentions, and they share a passionate kiss at the end of the competition:

In this emotionally charged scene, Lucy begins to understand Zequi’s true intentions and the genuine love he has for the students and the school.

Overwhelmed by her initial distrust and misconceptions, Lucy witnesses Zequi’s unwavering commitment and dedication to the students’ well-being. As the dance competition reaches its climax, Lucy’s admiration and respect for Zequi grow, and she realizes the extent of his sacrifices.

In a powerful moment of reconciliation, Lucy approaches Zequi after the performance. Their love-hate dynamic dissipates, and they share a passionate kiss, symbolizing their renewed bond and connection.

This scene signifies the culmination of their character arcs, as they put aside their differences and come together to fight for a common cause. It also emphasizes the importance of forgiveness, understanding, and the ability to see beyond surface-level perceptions.

The passionate kiss acts as a resolution for their tumultuous relationship, paving the way for a harmonious ending and solidifying the power of love and unity in overcoming obstacles.