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6 Best Moments from Let’s Be Cops Movie


Title: Let’s Be Cops

Release Date: 13/08/2014

Genres: Comedy


In the comedy film “Let’s Be Cops,” two best friends, Ryan and Justin, find themselves bored with their lives and yearning for excitement. They decide to attend a costume party dressed as police officers, unwittingly kickstarting a series of hilarious misadventures.

This offbeat comedy explores themes of friendship, identity, and the consequences of pretending to be something you’re not. Ryan and Justin, both in their thirties, are stuck in a rut.

Ryan, once a promising football player, is now a struggling video game designer with a failed relationship, while Justin, a mild-mannered video game enthusiast, feels unappreciated at his job as a game tester. When they attend a costume party dressed as police officers, they are mistaken for real cops, which inadvertently transforms their lives.

Buoyed by the newfound respect and authority they receive while wearing the police uniforms, Ryan and Justin decide to continue the charade, becoming honorary members of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). As they immerse themselves in their fake roles, the duo soon finds themselves caught up in a dangerous world they never anticipated.

Their first taste of action occurs when they respond to a disturbance call at a local restaurant and encounter an angry Russian mobster. In a hilarious display of false bravado, Ryan and Justin manage to defuse the situation, leaving everyone impressed, including a potential love interest for Ryan, a waitress named Josie.

Their success emboldens them to embark on a mission to take down a notorious criminal gang in their neighborhood, led by the menacing Mossi. As their escapades continue, Ryan and Justin are confronted with the perils of their deceitful double life.

They face real police officers, rival gang members, and even an actual Serbian gangster who believes they have stolen his money, putting their lives at risk. They soon realize that pretending to be cops comes with real consequences and danger.

In the midst of their wild adventures, Ryan and Justin’s friendship is tested. They must confront their fears, insecurities, and the dilemmas of their own identities.

They come to realize that true courage requires being honest with themselves and others, even if it means admitting the farce they have been living. “Let’s Be Cops” is set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, a vibrant and diverse city filled with both beauty and danger.

The glamorous cityscape serves as a contrast to Ryan and Justin’s mundane lives, heightening the escapism they find in their police officer personas. The film explores themes of friendship, authenticity, and the desire for purpose and excitement.

It delves into the idea of living vicariously through false identities and the consequences that follow. As the story unfolds, Ryan and Justin learn valuable lessons about self-discovery and embracing who they truly are, while providing plenty of laughs and entertainment along the way.

“Let’s Be Cops” is a hilarious and action-packed comedy that takes viewers on a wild ride through the lives of two ordinary men who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. With its relatable characters, witty dialogue, and unexpected twists, the film promises to leave audiences laughing and reflecting on the importance of being true to oneself.

6 Best Scenes from Let’s Be Cops

Scene 1: Ryan and Justin dress up as cops for a costume party and find that people mistake them for real police officers. In this scene, Ryan and Justin attend a costume party dressed as police officers.

As they make their way to the party, they start to notice that people on the street are treating them differently, showing respect and even giving them free food. They soon realize that everyone thinks they are real cops due to their costumes.

Enjoying the newfound power and authority, they decide to embrace the roles and use their fake badges to their advantage. This scene is significant as it sets the tone for the entire film, showing how Ryan and Justin stumble into a situation where they are mistaken for cops.

It highlights their desire for excitement and adventure as they willingly play along with the mistaken identity. This moment also foreshadows the chaos and comedic moments that will ensue as they continue to impersonate officers throughout the movie.

Scene 2: Ryan and Justin intervene in a domestic dispute and end up getting involved in a drug case. While on patrol in their fake cop car, Ryan and Justin come across a domestic dispute between a man and a woman.

Acting on their desire to help, they intervene and try to defuse the situation. However, things quickly escalate when they discover a bag of drugs in the man’s possession.

This scene is significant as it thrusts Ryan and Justin into the criminal underworld and sets the main plot of the film into motion. Their impulsive decision to intervene leads them into a dangerous situation, showing the potential consequences of their actions.

It also showcases their genuine desire to do good, even if they are ill-equipped and unqualified to handle the situation. This moment serves as a turning point in the film, as it transforms their initial harmless impersonation into a more serious and risky adventure.

Scene 3: Ryan and Justin join forces with a real police officer, Pupa, who is corrupt and using them to further his own agenda. Ryan and Justin encounter Pupa, a real police officer who is corrupt and looking for partners to help him carry out his illegal activities.

Pupa realizes that Ryan and Justin are impersonating officers but decides to use them to his advantage, believing they will be oblivious to his true intentions. This scene is significant as it introduces a new dynamic to the film, with Ryan and Justin now involved in a dangerous partnership with a corrupt cop.

It adds another layer of complexity to the plot and raises the stakes for the characters. The scene also highlights the naivety of Ryan and Justin, as they are easily manipulated by Pupa due to their desire for excitement and acceptance.

This moment propels the story forward and deepens the conflict as Ryan and Justin struggle to navigate their newfound involvement with the criminal activities orchestrated by Pupa. Scene 4: Ryan and Justin participate in a high-speed chase with criminals, showcasing their skills as “cops.”

Ryan and Justin find themselves in a thrilling and dangerous situation when they stumble upon a group of criminals engaged in a high-speed chase.

As the criminals attempt to escape, Ryan and Justin begin pursuing them in their fake patrol car. Surprisingly, Ryan’s skills as a former football player and Justin’s quick thinking allow them to keep up with the criminals, navigating through traffic and executing impressive maneuvers.

Despite their lack of actual police training, their bravery and resourcefulness shine through as they expertly handle the pursuit. This scene is significant as it showcases Ryan and Justin’s unexpected ability to handle intense situations, further blurring the line between impersonation and reality.

It highlights their dedication to doing what is right, even as they put themselves in harm’s way. The high-speed chase becomes a pivotal moment in the film as it solidifies their reputation as competent “cops” and drives them deeper into their dangerous adventure.

Scene 5: Ryan and Justin confront Pupa about his corruption and attempt to turn him in to the authorities. Ryan and Justin begin to suspect Pupa’s true intentions and decide to confront him about his corrupt activities.

They gather evidence of his wrongdoings and confront him, intending to bring him to justice. However, things take an unexpected turn when Pupa reveals that he has evidence connecting Ryan and Justin to their impersonation of cops, threatening to expose them if they don’t cooperate.

Faced with this dilemma, Ryan and Justin must choose whether to side with Pupa or risk their own futures to do what they believe is right. This scene is significant as it forces Ryan and Justin to confront the consequences of their actions.

It exposes the inherent dangers of their impersonation and the potential for their secret to be revealed. It also showcases their moral growth and integrity as they grapple with the difficult decision to stand against corruption, regardless of the personal cost.

This pivotal scene propels the narrative forward by raising the stakes and placing Ryan and Justin at a crossroads, where their choices will ultimately determine the outcome of the film. Scene 6: Ryan and Justin save their friend, Josie, from the criminals and ultimately become recognized as heroes.

As the criminals target their friend Josie, Ryan and Justin make a bold move to rescue her from their clutches. Using their knowledge of the city and their resourcefulness, they outsmart the criminals and successfully save Josie.

Their heroic actions catch the attention of the real police force and the public, turning them into local heroes. The film concludes with Ryan and Justin being celebrated for their bravery and their willingness to go above and beyond, all while dressed as cops.

This scene is significant as it brings the film full circle, highlighting the growth and transformation of Ryan and Justin. It symbolizes their transition from simple impersonators to genuine heroes, driven by their desire to protect and do good.

This moment provides a satisfying resolution to the plot, rewarding the characters for their perseverance and showcasing the positive impact they have made despite their unconventional methods. It serves as a feel-good ending, cementing the film’s comedic tone and leaving the audience with a sense of triumph and satisfaction.