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6 Best Moments from Léon: The Professional Movie


Title: Léon: The Professional

Release Date: 14/09/1994

Genres: Crime, Drama, Action


Lon: The Professional is a gripping crime drama that delves into the complex world of a professional hitman’s unexpected bond with a young girl. Set in the gritty streets of New York City, the film takes viewers on a thrilling journey through a dangerous underworld.

The story follows the life of Lon (played by Jean Reno), a meticulous and skilled hitman. Living a solitary existence in a modest apartment adorned with potted plants and his beloved houseplant, Lon is a man of few words but unparalleled efficiency in his deadly profession.

Despite his cold exterior, Lon harbors a sense of morality and unwavering discipline. Everything changes for Lon when he crosses paths with Mathilda (played by a young Natalie Portman), a twelve-year-old girl living in the same apartment building as him.

Mathilda’s life is marred by instability, abuse, and neglect, stemming from her troubled family and her involvement with a ruthless drug dealer named Norman Stansfield (played by Gary Oldman). After witnessing the brutal murder of her family at the hands of Stansfield and his gang, Mathilda sees Lon as her only hope for survival.

Desperate and filled with a hunger for revenge, she seeks refuge in Lon’s apartment and strikes an unusual deal with him. In return for teaching her his lethal skills, Mathilda urges Lon to help her exact revenge on Stansfield and avenge her family’s death.

Reluctantly, Lon agrees to her request, and an unexpected bond forms between the seasoned hitman and the young girl. As he imparts his knowledge to Mathilda, she blossoms into a fearless, determined apprentice.

Their training sequences are balanced with moments of tenderness as Lon becomes a surrogate father figure for Mathilda, providing her with the love, guidance, and protection she has never experienced before. As Mathilda’s thirst for revenge intensifies, Lon’s sense of duty and loyalty are pushed to the limits.

Their dangerous journey culminates in a thrilling and tense confrontation with Stansfield and his men. Along the way, they encounter police corruption, betrayal, and the fragility of trust.

The film explores themes of redemption, resilience, and the blurred lines between good and evil. It delves into the complex nature of human relationships and the impact of violence on innocence.

Lon’s internal struggle between upholding his code as an assassin and his burgeoning emotional connection with Mathilda serves as a driving force for the narrative. Director Luc Besson skillfully navigates this dark and intense story, crafting a visually stunning and emotionally charged film.

The performances of Reno, Portman, and Oldman are exceptional, giving life to the intricate and layered characters. Lon: The Professional is a poignant tale of survival, unlikely friendship, and the lengths one is willing to go to protect those they care about.

With its heart-pounding action sequences, nuanced performances, and thought-provoking themes, the film captivates viewers from start to finish. It is an exploration of the complexities of human nature, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats and reflecting on the choices we make in desperate circumstances.

6 Best Scenes from Léon: The Professional

1. In this pivotal scene, Lon, a professional hitman, begins training Mathilda, a young girl who seeks revenge against the corrupt DEA agents who killed her family.

Lon teaches Mathilda the art of assassination, explaining the importance of precision, timing, and the need to exercise extreme caution. The scene showcases Lon’s methodical approach to his work, as well as Mathilda’s natural talent and eagerness to learn.

It also establishes the bond between the two characters, as Lon becomes a mentor and father figure to Mathilda. The scene is significant as it sets up their unique relationship and foreshadows the unconventional partnership that develops throughout the film.

2. Mathilda, intrigued by Lon’s secretive nature, stumbles upon his hidden stash of cash and guns while the hitman is away on a job.

With wide-eyed fascination, she explores the hidden compartment in Lon’s apartment and discovers the extent of his dangerous profession. This moment signifies a turning point in Mathilda’s understanding of Lon’s life, transforming her perception of him from a mysterious neighbor to a formidable assassin.

The discovery also highlights Mathilda’s resilience and determination, as it fuels her desire to seek vengeance against her family’s killers. As Mathilda becomes more entangled in Lon’s world, the scene propels the plot forward, deepening their emotional connection and driving them towards their shared goal.

3. In a climactic moment, corrupt DEA agents trap Mathilda in her apartment, intent on eliminating the only witness to their crimes.

Lon, who has grown deeply attached to Mathilda, interrupts the agents’ brutal assault. With his unparalleled skills, he strategically eliminates every agent, rescuing Mathilda from certain death.

This scene exemplifies the film’s underlying theme of fatherly love and protection, as Lon risks his own life to ensure Mathilda’s safety. As a turning point in the narrative, the scene solidifies the bond between Lon and Mathilda, deepening their emotional connection and highlighting their shared mission.

Moreover, it sets the stage for the film’s intense and action-packed climax, as the duo continues their pursuit of justice and revenge. Overall, this pivotal moment showcases the growth of the characters and their unwavering determination, shaping the trajectory of the plot.

4. In a powerful and intense scene, Mathilda confronts her abusive stepfather, who was involved in the murder of her family.

Filled with rage and a thirst for revenge, Mathilda enters her home armed with a gun. As her stepfather berates and threatens her, Mathilda musters the courage to shoot him, finally taking control of her own fate and seeking justice for herself and her family.

This moment is significant as it represents a shift in Mathilda’s character, as she transitions from a vulnerable victim to a determined survivor. It also sets in motion the consequences of her actions, as she realizes the harsh realities that come with seeking revenge.

The scene further explores the complex themes of morality and the consequences of violence, propelling the plot towards its climax. 5.

In a selfless act of sacrifice, Lon decides to protect Mathilda from the corrupt police who are closing in on them. As the police surround their hideout, Lon instructs Mathilda to escape while he remains behind to divert their attention.

With his incredible skills, Lon single-handedly takes on the entire police force, buying Mathilda precious time to escape. This moment exemplifies Lon’s unwavering loyalty and love for Mathilda, as he willingly puts his own life on the line to ensure her safety.

It showcases the ultimate sacrifice a father figure is willing to make for his child. Furthermore, this scene further intensifies the emotional bond between Lon and Mathilda, heightening the stakes and driving the plot towards its conclusion.

6. In a heartbreaking and poignant scene, Mathilda attends Lon’s funeral to bid him a final farewell.

Standing before his open casket, she shares her profound gratitude for the impact he had on her life. Expressing her love and appreciation, Mathilda leaves behind a meaningful note and a plant, symbolizing the growth and transformation she experienced under Lon’s guidance.

This scene signifies the end of Mathilda’s journey of self-discovery and retribution, as she learns to navigate the complexities of life without Lon. It serves as a cathartic moment of closure for Mathilda, allowing her to come to terms with her loss while cherishing the lessons and love Lon imparted to her.

The scene further emphasizes the profound connection between the two characters and the enduring impact Lon had on Mathilda’s life.