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6 Best Moments from Legend Movie


Title: Legend

Release Date: 09/09/2015

Genres: Crime, Thriller


“Legend” is a gripping crime thriller released on September 9th, 2015. Set in 1960s London, the film is based on the true story of the infamous Kray twins, Reggie and Ronnie.

Directed by Brian Helgeland, “Legend” delves into the dark and violent world of organized crime, exploring themes of loyalty, power, and the complexity of brotherhood. The movie begins by introducing us to Reggie Kray, a charming and suave gangster who runs a successful nightclub called Esmeralda’s.

Reggie is a calculated and intelligent criminal, always looking for ways to expand his empire and climb the ranks of the criminal underworld. He is accompanied by his loyal and level-headed brother, Ronnie, a menacing and unpredictable figure who suffers from bouts of violent paranoia.

Their criminal activities catch the attention of the police, who are determined to bring them down. Detective Superintendent “Nipper” Read becomes their primary nemesis, vowing to dismantle the Krays’ empire and bring them to justice.

As the cat-and-mouse chase ensues, tension and suspense build, leading to a thrilling climax. Reggie falls in love with a beautiful and sophisticated woman named Frances Shea.

Their relationship becomes the driving force behind Reggie’s desire to leave the criminal lifestyle behind and start anew. As their love deepens, Frances becomes entangled in the dangerous world of the Krays, struggling to protect herself and her husband from the violent consequences of their actions.

Meanwhile, Ronnie’s unpredictable behavior becomes increasingly uncontrollable. His terrifying fits of rage and thirst for dominance bring the twins both success and downfall.

The tension between Reggie’s ambitions and Ronnie’s erratic behavior creates a constant struggle for control within the criminal empire they have built. The setting of 1960s London adds a layer of authenticity and richness to the film.

The swinging sixties are portrayed in all their glory, with vibrant fashion, lively music, and a sense of rebellion permeating the air. However, this glamorous facade masks the darkness and savagery at the heart of the Krays’ empire.

Tom Hardy delivers a mesmerizing performance as both Reggie and Ronnie Kray. He masterfully brings to life the contrasting personalities of the twins, capturing their charm, vulnerability, and ruthless brutality.

Emily Browning shines as Frances Shea, infusing her character with strength and vulnerability in equal measure. Christopher Eccleston portrays Detective Superintendent “Nipper” Read, effectively conveying his determination and unwavering pursuit of justice.

“Legend” is a gripping crime thriller that explores the complexities of loyalty, power dynamics, and the blurred lines between good and evil. It captivates viewers with its engrossing plot, stunning performances, and atmospheric portrayal of 1960s London.

The film offers a compelling insight into the lives of the infamous Kray twins and the impact their criminal activities had on those around them. Overall, “Legend” is a must-watch for fans of crime thrillers and those intrigued by true stories of organized crime.

Its blend of captivating storytelling, nuanced performances, and historical context make for a compelling and unforgettable cinematic experience.

6 Best Scenes from Legend

1. Reggie’s first encounter with Frances:

In this pivotal scene, Reggie Kray, the notorious gangster, meets Frances Shea, an innocent young woman, for the first time.

They bump into each other in a pub, and Reggie is instantly captivated by Frances’s beauty and charm. He is curious to know more about her, and they strike up a conversation.

As they continue talking, Reggie reveals his dangerous lifestyle as a gangster, but Frances remains unfazed. This scene is significant because it establishes the central relationship in the film between Reggie and Frances.

Frances’s introduction gives Reggie a sense of hope for a different, less violent life. It also hints at the potential for Reggie’s character to evolve and explore a more tender and compassionate side.

The scene sets the tone for their tumultuous love affair and indicates the possibility of redemption for Reggie in the midst of his criminal activities. 2.

The attempted murder of Reggie:

In this intense and suspenseful scene, Reggie is ambushed by rival gang members who attempt to kill him. While parked in his car, two masked assailants approach and start shooting at him.

Reggie manages to escape by reversing his car, driving aggressively, and eventually fleeing on foot. This scene is significant because it showcases Reggie’s resourcefulness, courage, and survival instincts in the face of a life-threatening situation.

It highlights the constant danger and violence that permeate Reggie’s world as a gangster. The attempted murder also adds a layer of tension and urgency to the plot, as Reggie becomes more aware of the peril he faces and the need to protect himself and his loved ones from his enemies.

3. The reveal of Ronnie as a psychopath:

In this climactic scene, the truth about Ronnie Kray, Reggie’s twin brother, is unveiled.

During a confrontation with a rival gang, Ronnie’s unhinged and psychopathic nature is fully exposed. He violently attacks and kills one of their own, displaying a disturbing lack of empathy or remorse.

Reggie, who has always been fiercely loyal to his brother, is forced to confront the harsh reality of Ronnie’s true nature, which contradicts Reggie’s hope for a better future. This scene is significant because it fractures Reggie’s loyalty and trust in his brother, leading to an unravelling of their relationship and altering the dynamics of the entire film.

It sets the stage for the final acts of the film, as Reggie grapples with the repercussions of his brother’s actions and struggles to reconcile his devotion to family with the need to protect himself and those he cares about. 4.

The arrest of the Kray twins:

In this pivotal scene, the Kray twins, Reggie and Ronnie, are finally arrested by the authorities after years of evading capture. The police raid their nightclub, The Double R, and apprehend the brothers along with several other members of their criminal organization.

The arrest signifies the downfall and end of their reign as notorious gangsters. This scene is significant because it marks a turning point in the plot, as the powerful and untouchable image of the Kray twins is shattered.

It represents the triumph of law and order over the criminal underworld. The arrest also underscores the consequences of their violent and illegal activities, revealing that even the most infamous criminals cannot escape justice forever.

5. Frances confronting Reggie about his violent lifestyle:

In this emotionally charged scene, Frances confronts Reggie about his violent lifestyle and the toll it is taking on their relationship.

She expresses her deep concern and dismay at Reggie’s involvement in the criminal world, particularly his association with Ronnie and their violent actions. Frances implores Reggie to choose a different path and leave behind the dangerous and destructive life they are living.

This scene is significant because it highlights the internal conflict within Reggie as he grapples with love and loyalty towards his brother while also yearning for a more normal and peaceful life with Frances. It introduces a moral dilemma for Reggie, forcing him to question his choices and contemplate the possibility of change.

It deepens the emotional stakes of the film and sets the stage for Reggie’s eventual transformation and attempt to distance himself from his criminal past. 6.

Reggie’s unsuccessful attempt to escape from prison:

In this tense and suspenseful scene, Reggie attempts to escape from prison but is ultimately unsuccessful. He meticulously plans his escape, manages to acquire a makeshift rope, and begins climbing down the prison walls.

However, he is caught in the act by the prison guards, who quickly apprehend him and bring him back to his cell. This scene is significant because it symbolizes Reggie’s desperation and desire for freedom.

It demonstrates his refusal to accept a life behind bars and his relentless pursuit of a different future. However, his failed escape also serves as a reminder of the consequences of his actions and the confines of his criminal life.

It ignites a sense of disillusionment and resignation in Reggie, pushing him to reevaluate his choices and seek alternative means to find redemption. The scene further propels the plot forward, leading towards the climax of the film as Reggie confronts the inevitability of his fate.