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6 Best Moments from It Movie


Title: It

Release Date: 06/09/2017

Genres: Horror, Fantasy


In the seemingly idyllic town of Derry, Maine, an evil entity lurks beneath the surface, preying on the town’s children. “It” is a shape-shifting creature that takes the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, alluring and terrifying in equal measure.

Based on Stephen King’s iconic novel, the horror film “It” chronicles the lives of a group of young outcasts known as the “Losers’ Club” as they face their deepest fears and confront the ancient evil residing in their town. The story unfolds in the summer of 1989, as 13-year-old Bill Denbrough mourns the disappearance of his younger brother Georgie, whose disappearance is just one in a series of incidents involving missing children.

Bill, determined to find out what happened to Georgie, bands together with his friends Richie, Eddie, and Stan, forming the core of the Losers’ Club. Along the way, they are joined by Beverly, Ben, and Mike, each with their own unsettling experiences and personal struggles.

As the group investigates the disappearances and encounters Pennywise, they become aware of a patterna terrifying cycle that emerges every 27 years in Derry. They discover that Pennywise, or “It,” awakens from hibernation to feed on the town’s fear and despair, targeting children who are easier to prey upon.

The Losers’ Club, united by their shared experiences of isolation, trauma, and fear, vow to put an end to It once and for all. With each member of the Losers’ Club confronting their own fears and personal demons, It manifests itself in terrifying forms tailored specifically to each individual.

From fears of blood, clowns, lepers, and historic tragedies, the kids face a relentless barrage of nightmarish visions. These harrowing experiences test their bonds of friendship, their courage, and their will to survive.

As the Losers’ Club delves deeper into their investigation, they uncover the dark history of Derry, discovering a disturbing secret that binds the town to Pennywise. The malevolent entity incarnates the suppressed horrors and unspeakable evil that have plagued Derry for centuries.

Together, the Losers’ Club must overcome their own fear and unite against It, while also contending with the skepticism and indifference of the adults in their lives. “It” is not merely a story about battles against a supernatural monster, but also a tale of friendship, resilience, and the strength found in unity.

The Losers’ Club portrays the power of unlikely alliances, illustrating how a group of misfits can become heroes when they choose to stand together against the unspeakable. Set against the backdrop of a seemingly ordinary suburban town, the film creates a chilling atmosphere, with dark, derelict spaces serving as the battlegrounds for the psychological warfare between Pennywise and the Losers’ Club.

The juxtaposition of innocence and malevolence, along with expertly crafted suspense, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the harrowing journey. “It” delves into the darker aspects of human nature, exploring themes such as fear, trauma, and the resilience of the human spirit.

It serves as a reminder that evil can take many forms and lurk in unexpected places, urging us to confront our own fears and find strength in connecting with others. With exceptional performances from a talented young cast, led by Bill Skarsgrd’s haunting portrayal of Pennywise, “It” delivers a spine-chilling, heart-pounding experience that will leave audiences both frightened and inspired.

Prepare to be captivated by the terror and bravery unfolding in Derry, as the Losers’ Club battles the indomitable force that is Pennywise.

6 Best Scenes from It

1. Georgie’s encounter with Pennywise in the storm drain:

In this pivotal scene, young Georgie Denbrough, clad in his yellow raincoat, chases a paper boat down the rain-filled streets of Derry.

As fate would have it, the boat leads him to a menacing storm drain. Peering inside, Georgie meets Pennywise, the demonic entity that takes the form of a clown.

Initially friendly and charming, Pennywise lures Georgie closer, claiming that he has a whole circus of treats to offer. However, as fear starts to creep into Georgie’s innocent eyes, the true terror of Pennywise is revealed as he grabs Georgie’s arm, viciously biting it off.

This scene is significant as it serves as the catalyst for the entire story, setting in motion the events that bring the Losers Club together to face their deepest fears. Georgie’s tragic demise establishes Pennywise’s malevolence and establishes the stakes for the rest of the film.

It also establishes the motif of innocence and the loss of childhood, as Georgie represents the loss of youthful innocence.


The Losers Club’s first confrontation with Pennywise in the haunted house:

After experiencing a series of eerie encounters with Pennywise, the Losers Club gathers in an old, decrepit house in an attempt to confront their fear head-on. As each member descends into the basement, they face personal manifestations of their individual fears.

This scene showcases the Losers Club’s determination and bravery as they work together to banish Pennywise. It also serves as a pivotal bonding moment for the group, solidifying their friendships and collective resolve to defeat the malevolent entity.

The scene’s significance lies in its portrayal of unity and resilience in the face of fear, highlighting the power of friendship as a weapon against Pennywise. Additionally, this scene reinforces the idea that facing and overcoming one’s fears requires confronting them directly, a concept that remains essential throughout the film.

3. Beverly’s encounter with Pennywise in her bathroom:

Beverly Marsh, the only girl in the Losers Club, acutely feels the impact of Pennywise’s reign of terror.

In her own bathroom, she encounters a gushing stream of blood from her sink, filling the entire room. Suspense builds as she investigates further, a sense of foreboding hanging in the air.

Suddenly, Pennywise reveals himself, his contorted body emerging from beneath the water. The scene is a chilling representation of Beverly’s hidden trauma and fear, both on a literal and metaphorical level.

It highlights her vulnerability as a target of Pennywise’s attention due to her abusive home life. This scene also marks the turning point for Beverly, as she defies Pennywise by standing her ground, ultimately impaling him with a bathroom fixture.

This moment signifies Beverly’s empowerment, as she harnesses her fear and transforms it into strength. It foreshadows her role as a strong and pivotal member of the Losers Club, shaping both her personal growth and the group’s overall ability to confront Pennywise.

4. The Losers Club’s descent into the Neibolt house:

In a daring and desperate attempt to confront Pennywise and put an end to the terror that plagues Derry, the Losers Club ventures into the dilapidated Neibolt house.

As they cautiously make their way through the darkened hallways, each character confronts their deepest fears in the form of horrifying manifestations created by Pennywise. These manifestations are tailored to each individual, attempting to exploit their vulnerabilities and break their spirit.

Despite their fears and the relentless attacks, the Losers Club stands their ground, supporting and protecting each other amidst the chaos. This scene is significant because it showcases the growth and bravery of each character as they face their demons head-on.

It also emphasizes the power of their unity and friendship, as they push through their individual fears together. The descent into the Neibolt house represents a turning point for the Losers Club, solidifying their commitment to confronting Pennywise and highlighting their determination to overcome their own personal struggles.

5. The final battle with Pennywise in the underground lair:

In the climax of the film, the Losers Club descends into Pennywise’s underground lair for the ultimate battle.

Armed with their collective courage, they confront Pennywise in his true form, a terrifying entity that embodies their worst nightmares. They utilize their strengths and newfound knowledge about Pennywise’s weaknesses to fight back against the monstrous clown.

Despite facing overwhelming odds, each member of the Losers Club demonstrates their resilience, refusing to succumb to fear. The final battle is significant as it represents the culmination of their journey, showing the growth and development of the characters as they emerge as true heroes.

It also underscores the power of unity and the strength that comes from facing one’s fears together. The scene’s impact on the plot progression is crucial, as it leads to the resolution of the story and the defeat of Pennywise.

It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and the reclaiming of their hometown from terror. 6.

The Losers Club making a blood pact to return if Pennywise ever resurfaces:

After their victory, the Losers Club gathers at the edge of a quarry, bloodied but alive. Realizing that their battle with Pennywise isn’t truly over, the group makes a blood pact, promising to reunite and confront the ancient evil should it ever resurface.

They each make a solemn vow, slicing their palms and pressing their bloody hands together. This moment is significant as it illustrates the unwavering bond the Losers Club has formed, transcending their shared trauma and transforming it into a sense of duty and loyalty.

It also signifies the commitment they have made to protect their town and their loved ones. The blood pact foreshadows the potential sequel, as it hints at their continued fight against Pennywise.

It leaves the audience with a sense of anticipation and the knowledge that the Losers Club’s story is far from over.