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6 Best Moments from Hotel Transylvania 2 Movie


Title: Hotel Transylvania 2

Release Date: 21/09/2015

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy


Hotel Transylvania 2 picks up where the first movie left off. Count Dracula, the owner of the monster-only hotel, has become more accepting of humans and has opened up his establishment to human guests as well.

He is also now a doting grandfather to his half-vampire, half-human grandson, Dennis. The story takes place a few years after the events of the first film.

Jonathan, the human husband of Dracula’s daughter Mavis, is fitting into the monster world quite well and has become a part of the hotel staff. Mavis, on the other hand, starts to feel that Dennis is not displaying any vampire traits, and she becomes worried that her son might be fully human.

Dracula, on the other hand, is determined to ensure that Dennis grows up to be a vampire, as it is an integral part of their monster heritage. He secretly enlists the help of his friends Frankenstein, Wayne the werewolf, Griffin the invisible man, and Murray the mummy to put Dennis through a monster-in-training boot camp.

However, their unconventional training methods prove to be more comical than effective. Meanwhile, Mavis is concerned about raising Dennis in a human-free environment, and she suggests that maybe they should move to California to be closer to Jonathan’s human family.

This idea frightens Dracula, who adamantly refuses to leave the Hotel Transylvania and isolating themselves from the human world. During a visit to California to see Jonathan’s family, Mavis and her father meet her in-laws.

Dracula tries to fit in, but his vampire antics only lead to hilarious situations. Meanwhile, Frankenstein and his wife, Eunice, decide to take over the training of Dennis to turn him into a vampire.

Their efforts, however, result in nothing more than chaos and destruction. Back at the hotel, the ancient vampire Vlad, Dracula’s father, unexpectedly arrives.

He is old-school and holds a disdain for humans. His arrival leads to tension as he disapproves of Dracula’s decision to accept humans at the hotel and raise Dennis in a mixed monster-human environment.

Vlad’s perspective forces Dracula to face the conflict between embracing change and preserving tradition. As the plot unfolds, a dangerous situation occurs that puts Dennis in peril, and Dracula must confront Vlad and convince him that humans are not all bad.

With the help of his friends and Mavis, Dracula breaks free from his traditional beliefs and unleashes a new level of tolerance and acceptance. Hotel Transylvania 2 is a heartwarming and hilarious tale that explores the importance of acceptance, family, and learning to embrace change.

The movie features lovable characters who struggle with their own fears and prejudices but eventually come together to create a more inclusive and harmonious community. Through its blend of comedy and animation, the film provides delightful entertainment for the whole family while subtly addressing themes of love, identity, and the power of unity.

With its visually appealing animation, witty dialogue, and relatable characters, Hotel Transylvania 2 is a delightful continuation of the first film. It captures the essence of family and showcases the importance of respecting differences and finding common ground.

The movie appeals to both children and adults with its humor and heart and leaves audiences with a warm, fuzzy feeling of togetherness.

6 Best Scenes from Hotel Transylvania 2

1. Dracula’s grandson, Dennis, shows signs of being a human, causing a rift between Dracula and his daughter Mavis:

In this pivotal scene, Dracula’s grandson, Dennis, is seen struggling to fly and transform into a bat like a true vampire.

This discovery causes a rift between Dracula and his daughter Mavis, as she begins to worry that Dennis may not carry the vampire gene. Dracula, on the other hand, insists that Dennis just needs more time to develop his abilities.

This scene showcases the conflict between old traditions and modern expectations within the vampire community, but also highlights the universal struggle of parents accepting their children’s differences and finding common ground. This moment sets the stage for the central conflict of the film, as Dracula tries to prove to Mavis that Dennis is indeed a vampire and belongs in the world of monsters.

2. Dracula and his friends go on a road trip to find proof that Dennis is a vampire, leading to humorous situations:

In this comedic and adventurous scene, Dracula, along with his monster friends, embark on a road trip in search of evidence that Dennis is a vampire.

They make their way to a campsite where they encounter a group of human bikers. As the monsters try to fit in with the humans, hilarious situations arise, including the werewolf Wayne mistakenly using his dog voice and the invisible Griffin causing chaos by stealing food.

This scene not only provides laughs but also shows Dracula’s determination to prove his point to Mavis. It highlights the lengths he is willing to go to in order to protect his family and his determination to find the truth.

Additionally, it showcases how the monsters, who are often misunderstood and feared, can find common ground with humans and enjoy a harmonious existence, effectively challenging the conventional notion of monsters being scary and dangerous. 3.

Dracula’s estranged father, Vlad, visits Hotel Transylvania and attempts to turn Dennis into a vampire:

In this climactic scene, Dracula’s estranged father, Vlad, pays a surprise visit to Hotel Transylvania and discovers that Dennis is not yet a vampire. Fueled by his old-school beliefs, Vlad decides to take matters into his own hands by attempting to turn Dennis into a vampire forcefully.

As chaos ensues, it becomes a battle between the traditional and modern vampire ideologies. Mavis and the rest of Dracula’s friends stand up against Vlad’s oppressive mindset, displaying their loyalty to Dracula and his family.

This scene not only showcases the power struggle between generations but also emphasizes the importance of acceptance and love in defining one’s true family. It drives the plot forward by intensifying the conflict and pushing Dracula to fight against his own father to protect his grandson and his beliefs.

Ultimately, this moment serves as a turning point for Dracula and his relationship with his father, leading to a realization of the importance of understanding and embracing differences within a family. 4.

A battle between the vampire and human sides of Dennis leads to him unleashing his vampire powers for the first time:

In this pivotal scene, a battle ensues within Dennis as he struggles to come to terms with his human and vampire sides. Dracula, Mavis, and the rest of the monster gang are present, trying to encourage Dennis to embrace his vampire nature.

However, Dennis is torn between his love for his human mother and his desire to fit in with the world of monsters. As the pressure builds, Dennis unleashes his vampire powers for the first time, surprising everyone with his strength and abilities.

This scene symbolizes the internal struggle faced by many young individuals as they navigate their identity and try to fit into society’s expectations while staying true to themselves. It also marks a moment of self-discovery for Dennis, as he begins to embrace his dual heritage and understand that being part-human and part-monster doesn’t make him any less worthy or loved.

This crucial turning point in Dennis’ journey sets the stage for his growth and acceptance throughout the film. 5.

Mavis discovers that Dracula “zinged” (fell in love) with a human, which challenges her previous beliefs about monsters and humans being together:

In this emotional scene, Mavis stumbles upon a hidden portrait in her father’s secret room, revealing that Dracula had a special connection with a human woman named Martha, who was Mavis’ mother. Realizing that her own existence is a testament to the love between monsters and humans, Mavis experiences a complete paradigm shift regarding her beliefs about inter-species relationships.

This scene showcases the theme of love transcending boundaries, challenging prejudice, and encouraging acceptance. Mavis’ newfound knowledge forces her to reassess her preconceived notions and question the longstanding divide between monsters and humans.

It serves as a catalyst for her character development, leading her to advocate for love and equality among all creatures. This moment not only strengthens the bond between father and daughter but also drives the broader message of the movie, emphasizing the importance of love, tolerance, and unity in a world that is often divided by fear and ignorance.

6. In the climax, Dracula and his friends join forces to defeat Bela, a vengeful vampire, and save Dennis and the other monsters:

In the high-stakes climax of the film, Dracula, Mavis, and their entire monster clan unite to confront the vengeful vampire, Bela, who aims to destroy Dennis and take over the hotel.

With the odds stacked against them, the monsters combine their unique abilities and fight valiantly to protect their loved ones and the harmony they have built together. This epic battle sequence highlights the power of teamwork, loyalty, and resilience.

Dracula harnesses his leadership skills, Mavis displays bravery and determination, and each monster contributes their strengths to outsmart and overpower Bela and his minions. The climax not only showcases the physical strength and abilities of the monsters but also emphasizes their unwavering commitment to each other and the importance of standing up against adversity.

This scene ties together the threads of the film’s narrative, resolving the conflicts and solidifying the bonds forged between the characters. It concludes the story on a triumphant note, spreading the message that unity and love can overcome any obstacle.