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6 Best Moments from Host Movie


Title: Host

Release Date: 04/12/2020

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery


In the riveting horror film, “Host,” a group of friends discovers the terrifying consequences of summoning spirits during a virtual sance. Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic and the rise of video conferencing, the film takes place entirely within the confines of a Zoom call, transforming the everyday technology into a platform for supernatural terror.

The story unfolds as Haley, a young woman eager to reconnect with her friends amidst the lockdown, decides to host a virtual sance. She invites her six friends, including Jemma, Teddy, Emma, Caroline, Radina, and Alan, to participate in the haunting experience.

Each character brings a unique personality and backstory, adding depth and complexity to the group dynamics. As the sance commences, the friends find themselves in a playful and light-hearted mood, not expecting anything out of the ordinary.

However, their unassuming attitude quickly fades when the sance takes an unexpected turn. A presence, previously believed to be innocuous, reveals itself, subjecting them to a series of distressing and bizarre events.

Throughout the film, the setting remains exclusively within the confines of the video call, cleverly utilizing the limitations of the format to maximize tension and suspense. The characters, isolated in their respective homes, face a terrifying reality as the supernatural force unleashes its wrath.

With no physical proximity and only digital connections, they are left feeling vulnerable and exposed. As the haunting intensifies, the friends grapple with their sanity and the unraveling of the virtual world.

The question of whether they are truly alone or being manipulated by an external force lingers, adding to the mounting suspense. The boundaries between the real and the digital become blurred, leading to spine-chilling encounters that test the characters’ resolve and unity.

“Host” explores themes of isolation, vulnerability, and the consequences of delving into the supernatural realm. The pandemic-induced lockdown serves as a metaphorical backdrop for the characters’ emotional and psychological isolation, highlighting the fragility of human connections in the digital age.

The film adeptly uses technology as a medium for terror, tapping into our collective reliance on video conferencing during the pandemic. By subverting the familiar and seemingly safe medium, “Host” takes viewers on a harrowing journey that challenges their sense of security.

With its innovative approach to storytelling and impressive execution, “Host” leaves audiences on the edge of their seats. As the friends grapple with their fears and fight to survive the unrelenting supernatural presence, the tension escalates to an electrifying climax.

“Host” is a haunting and immersive horror experience that underscores the power of the unknown, our dependence on technology, and the horrors that can be unleashed when boundaries are crossed. This gripping film proves that even within the virtual realm, the darkest forces can infiltrate our lives, leaving us trembling and questioning our very existence.

6 Best Scenes from Host

Scene 1: The group of friends gathers on a video call to initiate a virtual seance. In this pivotal scene, the main characters, Haley, Jemma, Emma, Radina, Teddy, and Caroline, come together on a video call to hold a virtual seance.

Each character is shown in their respective screens, creating a sense of isolation despite their shared presence. As they set up their candles and prepare for the seance, the tension builds, hinting at the upcoming horror.

This scene is significant because it establishes the virtual setting, which plays a crucial role throughout the film. It also sets the tone for the eerie and unsettling events that will follow, creating a sense of unease among the characters and the audience.

Additionally, it introduces the dynamics between the friends and their skepticism toward the supernatural, highlighting their vulnerability to the supernatural forces they are about to encounter. Scene 2: The friends experience strange and unsettling occurrences during the seance.

As the seance begins, the friends start to experience inexplicable and terrifying events. Lights flicker, objects move on their own, and a figure appears in Jemma’s background, causing panic and disbelief among the group.

This scene builds tension and fear, amplifying the horror elements of the film. This moment is significant because it marks the transition from skepticism to genuine fear for the characters.

The supernatural occurrences they witness challenge their beliefs and force them to confront the reality of the paranormal. It also reinforces the notion that the virtual setting does not protect them from the malevolent forces, heightening the sense of vulnerability and powerlessness.

Scene 3: The medium loses control of the seance, leading to chaos and panic among the group. During the seance, the medium, Seylan, loses control, and a demonic entity infiltrates the call.

The friends witness Seylan being violently dragged and eventually disappearing, leaving them terrified and desperate. Chaos erupts as the entity starts attacking each character individually, causing physical harm and psychological torment.

This scene is significant as it marks the turning point in the plot, driving the characters into a fight for survival. It introduces the threat of the demonic entity and raises the stakes for the characters.

The panic and chaos among the group heighten the sense of danger and urgency, deepening the suspense and engaging the audience in the characters’ struggle. Furthermore, it solidifies the virtual setting as a conduit for evil and establishes the rules and limitations of the supernatural forces in the film.

Scene 4: One of the friends is violently attacked by an unseen force. In this heart-pounding scene, Radina, one of the friends, is brutally attacked by an unseen force.

As Radina’s camera angle shifts and distorts, the other friends can only watch in horror. Radina is thrown around her room, her screams echoing through the call.

The friends desperately try to help her, but their efforts are futile. This scene showcases the brutal power of the supernatural entity and leaves the characters and audience shaken to the core.

This scene is significant because it demonstrates the escalating danger posed by the supernatural presence, as it directly harms one of the main characters. It intensifies the fear and desperation within the group, as they realize the severity of the situation and the potential consequences they face.

Additionally, it adds an element of unpredictability, as it becomes clear that no one is safe from the relentless entity. Scene 5: The friends discover a dark presence has been invited into their virtual meeting.

Amidst the chaos and despair, the friends discover that a dark presence has been invited into their virtual seance. They learn that Emma, seeking a thrilling experience, had intentionally invited a sinister entity by not following the proper precautions.

This revelation shocks the friends, as they now realize the magnitude of their actions and the dire implications it holds. This scene is significant because it adds a layer of complexity to the plot.

It explores the consequence of human curiosity and ignorance when dealing with supernatural forces. Emma’s actions introduce guilt and blame within the group, straining their relationships and complicating their fight for survival.

It also deepens the mystery surrounding the entity, leaving the audience questioning its origins and its true agenda. Scene 6: The shocking and unexpected conclusion of the movie leaves the fate of the characters unknown.

In a shocking and unexpected twist, the movie concludes with uncertainty surrounding the fate of the characters. As the chaos subsides and the call ends, the audience is left in a state of anticipation and unease.

The film ends with unanswered questions, leaving the viewers to ponder the ultimate outcome of the characters’ harrowing experience. This scene is significant as it leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

It invites discussion and speculation about the characters’ fate, encouraging the audience to think beyond the confines of the movie. The open-ended conclusion adds to the overall sense of dread and leaves an imprint of horror in the minds of the viewers.

It also allows for possible sequels or continuation of the story, keeping the audience engaged and eager for more.