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6 Best Moments from Gifted Movie


Title: Gifted

Release Date: 12/04/2017

Genres: Drama, Comedy


“Gifted” is an engaging drama-comedy film that tells the story of Frank Adler, a single man raising his niece, Mary, who is exceptionally gifted in mathematics. Released on December 4, 2017, the movie explores themes of family, sacrifice, and the pursuit of a normal childhood.

The film is mainly set in a small coastal town in Florida, where Frank and Mary live a simple, low-key life. It becomes apparent early on that Mary is not an ordinary child; at the age of seven, she displays an extraordinary aptitude for numbers and problem-solving, which surpasses her grade level.

Frank is determined to give his niece a typical childhood, unlike the one he had as a prodigy himself. However, their peaceful world is disrupted when Mary’s remarkable talents catch the attention of her school’s teacher, Bonnie Stevenson.

Bonnie recognizes Mary’s potential and believes she should be enrolled in a special school for gifted children. Frank, on the other hand, fiercely opposes this idea, arguing that his niece deserves to have a normal life rather than being subjected to the pressures and isolation that come with being labeled as gifted.

Frank’s philosophy is further challenged when his estranged mother, Evelyn, appears out of nowhere. A renowned mathematician herself, Evelyn sees Mary’s talents as an opportunity for her own unfulfilled ambitions.

She files a lawsuit to gain custody of Mary, aiming to raise her in an academically competitive environment where her genius can flourish. As the custody battle unfolds, the heart of the film revolves around Frank’s unwavering commitment to protect Mary’s happiness and well-being.

With the help of his landlady and friend, Roberta, and Mary’s local school principal, Frank fights tooth and nail to retain custody and maintain Mary’s normal childhood. The courtroom scenes provide tense moments as Frank relies on his love for Mary, his genuine concern for her emotional development, and the support of those around him to make his case.

Throughout the film, the themes of family bonds and sacrifice are prominently showcased. Frank’s unyielding devotion to Mary, despite his own personal sacrifices, showcases the love and strength that can be found in chosen family.

The story also explores the delicate balance between nurturing a child’s natural talents and providing them with a well-rounded, fulfilling childhood. “Gifted” features a stellar cast, with Chris Evans portraying Frank Adler, the dedicated uncle who strives to protect his niece.

McKenna Grace delivers a captivating performance as Mary, perfectly capturing the youthful innocence and brilliance of the character. Other notable actors include Lindsay Duncan as Evelyn, portraying the complex role of a grandmother pulled between personal ambition and genuine concern for her granddaughter.

Overall, “Gifted” is an emotionally charged and heartwarming film that delves into the complexities of family dynamics and the value of a normal childhood. It explores the lengths to which a person is willing to go to protect someone they love, while raising questions about the trade-offs between academic success and a well-rounded upbringing.

With its blend of comedy and drama, “Gifted” offers an inspiring and thought-provoking viewing experience that challenges our perceptions of what it truly means to be gifted.

6 Best Scenes from Gifted

1. In the opening scene of the movie, Mary astounds her first-grade classmates and her teacher, Bonnie, by solving a math problem in her head.

Bonnie had given the class a simple addition problem, but Mary quickly realizes that the answer goes beyond the expected limit. She mentally calculates the sum and blurts out the correct answer, leaving everyone in awe.

This remarkable moment showcases Mary’s exceptional mathematical abilities, highlighting her giftedness. It sets the stage for the entire film by establishing Mary’s exceptional intellect and providing a glimpse into the challenges she faces as a gifted child.

This scene also introduces Bonnie, who becomes an important figure in Mary’s life as she advocates for her to receive a specialized education that can nurture her talents. 2.

Evelyn, Mary’s estranged grandmother, accompanies Frank to Mary’s school for a meeting with Bonnie. While Frank is initially against involving Evelyn in Mary’s life, Bonnie reveals to them that Mary is a mathematical prodigy.

Evelyn’s eyes fill with tears upon hearing this news, revealing her deep emotional connection to Mary’s math skills. This pivotal scene illuminates the impact of Mary’s gift on her family dynamics.

It highlights Evelyn’s personal connection to Mary’s talents, foreshadowing the conflicts and alliances that will develop as Evelyn becomes more involved in Mary’s education. Additionally, this scene deepens the audience’s understanding of Evelyn’s character, hinting at a hidden backstory and suggesting that she may have a unique understanding of Mary’s needs as a gifted child.

3. Frank and Evelyn have a heated argument about Mary’s education and childhood.

Frank insists on his sister leading a normal life and attending a regular school, while Evelyn believes that Mary’s talents should be nurtured and developed to their fullest potential. Their clash reveals the contrasting perspectives on what it means to be “gifted” and the different paths they envision for Mary.

This scene is a turning point in the plot, as it forces Frank to confront his own fears and biases about Mary’s giftedness. It sets up a key conflict between Frank and Evelyn that will shape the rest of the film.

Moreover, it raises questions about the purpose of education and the challenges faced by exceptional individuals in a society that often values conformity. The impact of this scene extends beyond the immediate narrative, encouraging viewers to reflect on the complexities of nurturing giftedness in a world that may not always understand or support it.

4. Mary gets into a fight at school after being teased about her intelligence.

Frustrated by the constant mockery from her classmates regarding her intelligence, Mary lashes out and physically fights with a boy who had been particularly cruel towards her. This scene showcases the emotional toll that being different can have on a gifted child.

It highlights the internal struggle Mary faces as she tries to navigate her extraordinary abilities while also longing for acceptance and a normal childhood. The fight becomes a pivotal moment in the film as it prompts Frank to reconsider his decision to keep Mary in a regular school, realizing the potential harm it may cause her in the long run.

It also serves as a catalyst for Evelyn to push for a more specialized education for Mary, believing it would not only nurture her intellect but also provide a supportive environment where she can thrive. 5.

Mary wins a scholarship to a prestigious private school, causing tension with her uncle. Mary’s exceptional mathematical abilities are recognized, and she is awarded a scholarship to attend a prestigious private school.

While this is seen as a tremendous opportunity for Mary’s intellectual development, it creates tension between Mary and her uncle, Frank. Frank fears that the private school will distance Mary from her peers and rob her of a normal childhood.

This scene emphasizes the conflicting desires of Frank to protect Mary and allow her to have a typical upbringing, and Evelyn’s belief in providing her with the best educational opportunities to nurture her giftedness. The scene also underscores Mary’s desire to be challenged intellectually and how winning the scholarship is a validation of her abilities.

This pivotal moment sets the stage for the ensuing custody battle between Frank and Evelyn, as their differing perspectives on what is best for Mary come into sharp focus. 6.

A custody battle ensues between Frank and Evelyn, as they disagree on what is best for Mary. The conflict over Mary’s education reaches its peak when Frank and Evelyn find themselves in a custody battle.

Frank wants to maintain his role as Mary’s legal guardian and keep her in a regular school, believing it’s crucial for her emotional well-being and social development. On the other hand, Evelyn argues that Mary’s extraordinary talents require a specialized education that can adequately nurture her abilities.

This custody battle delves into complex questions about parental rights, the definition of a “normal” childhood, and the societal responsibility towards gifted children. It forces both Frank and Evelyn to confront their own motives and biases, as well as the impact their decisions may have on Mary’s future.

The outcome of the custody battle sets the course for the rest of the film, shaping the characters’ growth and ultimately influencing Mary’s path as a gifted individual.