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6 Best Moments from Final Destination 5 Movie


Title: Final Destination 5

Release Date: 12/08/2011

Genres: Horror, Mystery


Final Destination 5, the fifth installment in the popular horror franchise, follows a group of coworkers who narrowly escape a horrific bridge collapse thanks to the protagonist, Sam Lawton’s, premonition. However, they soon realize that they can’t cheat death, as a mysterious force begins hunting them down one by one in increasingly gruesome ways.

The film kicks off with a thrilling sequence in which a suspension bridge collapses, leading to the death of everyone on it. In this nightmarish scenario, Sam Lawton has a horrifying vision of the disaster just moments before it happens.

Panicked, he manages to convince a few of his coworkers to leave the bridge right before it crumbles. These survivors include his girlfriend, Molly; his best friend, Peter; his coworker, Candice; and several others.

As the group struggles to process the traumatic event, they soon discover that death is after them and the lives they saved on the bridge. It becomes evident that they were meant to die in the collapse, and by evading their initial fate, they have disturbed the natural order of things.

In their attempts to survive, they enlist the help of the enigmatic William Bludworth, a mortician who has knowledge of the mysterious force that has been pursuing them. As the group desperately tries to outrun death, they begin to witness the gruesome deaths of those who died on the bridge in the order they were supposed to die.

Each death scene is creatively terrifying and highlights the film’s attention to detail and gruesome practical effects. The suspense builds as the remaining survivors realize that the only way to break the cycle is to find someone else to take their place in death’s list, continuing the theme of the first film.

Additionally, Final Destination 5 introduces a moral dilemma. Is it justifiable to sacrifice an innocent person to save oneself?

As the characters grapple with this question, they are forced to confront their own morality and make life-or-death decisions. This ethical dilemma adds another layer of tension and complexity to the plot, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

Throughout the film, the setting plays a crucial role in creating a sense of dread. The dark, industrial aesthetics of the workplaces and the atmospheric scenes at the abandoned ruins of an asylum contribute to the overall ominous tone.

The film utilizes lighting, sound effects, and cinematography to intensify the suspense and create a haunting atmosphere. The characters in Final Destination 5 are well-developed and relatable, each grappling with their fear of death and the guilt associated with their survival.

They are forced to confront their past mistakes and face the consequences of their actions. The strong performances by the cast further deepen the emotional connection with the audience, heightening the impact of the thrilling and horrifying events that unfold.

In Final Destination 5, horror and mystery blend seamlessly to create an intense and suspenseful viewing experience. The plot delves into themes of fate, mortality, and the moral repercussions of evading death.

By exploring these themes within the context of the Final Destination franchise, the film offers a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition in the face of impending doom. Overall, Final Destination 5 delivers the scares and thrills that fans of the series have come to expect while offering a fresh and exciting take on the well-established formula.

6 Best Scenes from Final Destination 5

1. Opening bridge collapse sequence:

In the opening scene of “Final Destination 5,” a group of friends, including Sam Lawton, are on their way to a company retreat when they find themselves stuck in traffic on a suspension bridge.

Suddenly, Sam has a premonition of the bridge collapsing and causing everyone’s death. Frantically warning his friends, they manage to convince a few people to get off the bus just in time.

As Sam’s vision becomes a reality, chaos ensues as the bridge crumbles, and everyone on it falls to their death. This scene is significant as it sets the tone for the entire film.

It establishes the main theme of escaping death’s design and showcases the inventive and gruesome ways in which the characters will meet their demise. Additionally, it introduces the supernatural element of premonitions, which becomes a central plot device throughout the movie.

The opening bridge collapse sequence creates a sense of unease and tension, immediately hooking the audience and setting up their expectations for the rest of the film. 2.

Death at the gymnastics competition:

During a gymnastics competition, a gymnast named Candice Hooper is performing a high-flying routine on the bars. As she executes a daring move, her hands slip due to the sudden blowing wind caused by the arrival of Death.

She falls, and her body twists and contorts in a horrifying manner, resulting in her death. The scene is filled with tension as the audience and other gymnasts watch in shock and horror.

This pivotal scene is significant in several ways. Firstly, it demonstrates that Death is always one step ahead and can manipulate the environment to ensure its plans are carried out.

Secondly, the death of Candice further reinforces the idea that the characters cannot escape their fate, no matter how talented or skilled they may be. Lastly, this scene provides a gruesome and shocking spectacle for the audience, which is a trademark of the “Final Destination” franchise.

It serves as a reminder of the horror and unpredictability that awaits the remaining characters. 3.

Surgical mishap at the eye clinic:

In a desperate attempt to cheat death and save themselves, the remaining survivors visit an eye clinic to seek help from the optometrist, Dr. Leonetti. While in the examination room, they realize that Dr. Leonetti is next in line to die and that they are inadvertently causing his death by seeking his assistance.

As tension rises, Dr. Leonetti unknowingly stabs himself in the eye with a sharp tool, resulting in his gruesome demise. This scene is significant as it showcases the characters’ desperation to escape death, even if it means unintentionally causing harm to others.

It also adds to the moral dilemma faced by the survivors, as they grapple with the consequences of their actions. Furthermore, the surgical mishap reinforces the notion of a cruel and relentless destiny, as Death finds a way to claim its victims even in supposedly safe environments like a doctor’s office.

This scene adds depth and complexity to the narrative, revealing the characters’ flaws and the dire circumstances they find themselves in. 4.

Rollercoaster accident at the amusement park:

In the midst of an amusement park trip, the remaining survivors, led by Sam Lawton and Molly Harper, decide to confront Death head-on by riding a rollercoaster. As they climb aboard, tension fills the air as the audience waits, unsure of what will happen next.

Suddenly, the safety harness on one of the riders malfunctions, creating a chain reaction of disastrous events. The rollercoaster derails, sending carriages flipping through the air, colliding with the surrounding structures, and causing multiple fatalities.

This scene is a pivotal moment in the film as it represents the survivors’ last attempt to defy their predetermined deaths. It showcases their determination to take control of their fate, even in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

The rollercoaster accident also highlights the sheer chaos and intensity that the “Final Destination” franchise is known for. It delivers a thrilling spectacle for the audience, filled with unexpected twists and turns, as the survivors are once again faced with the overwhelming power of Death.

5. Fire at the factory:

As the survivors struggle to make sense of the rollercoaster accident, they find themselves at a factory where one of the survivors, Isaac Palmer, works.

In a horrifying turn of events, a fire breaks out, trapping them inside. Panic ensues as they desperately try to escape the engulfing flames.

Despite their efforts, one by one, the survivors meet their untimely demise as the fire engulfs them in a fiery inferno. This pivotal scene further emphasizes the survivors’ inability to escape their predetermined deaths.

It serves as a reminder that Death is always lurking, ready to claim its victims in the most unexpected ways. The fiery sequence also adds a sense of urgency and desperation to the narrative, heightening the tension and increasing the stakes for the remaining characters.

Through the factory fire, the film underscores the inescapable nature of fate and the fragility of human life. 6.

Climactic elevator scene:

As Sam and Molly continue their battle against Death, they find themselves trapped in an elevator with the enigmatic Bludworth. With time running out, Sam realizes the only way to break the cycle and save themselves is by sacrificing his own life.

In a tense and emotional climax, Sam leaps out of the elevator just as it plummets to the ground, leaving Molly as the sole survivor. The climactic elevator scene is a culmination of the survivors’ journey and their struggle to defy death.

It represents a selfless act of sacrifice and a realization that sometimes, escaping fate means making the ultimate sacrifice. The emotional weight of this scene adds depth to the narrative, exploring the themes of love, loss, and the lengths we are willing to go to protect those we care about.

Furthermore, the scene showcases the film’s ability to deliver shocking and dramatic moments that leave a lasting impact on the audience.