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6 Best Moments from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Movie


Title: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Release Date: 11/06/1982

Genres: Science Fiction, Adventure, Family, Fantasy


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a beloved science fiction adventure that follows the extraordinary friendship between a young boy named Elliott and a stranded alien. Set in the suburbs of California in the early 1980s, the film captures the enchantment and wonder of childhood, while exploring themes of friendship, loyalty, and the power of love.

The story begins when a spaceship lands in a forest clearing, but is forced to leave in a hurry, accidentally leaving behind a small alien creature. Meanwhile, Elliott, a lonely, ten-year-old boy, lives with his older brother Michael, his younger sister Gertie, and their newly-divorced mother Mary.

Elliott discovers the alien, who he lovingly calls E.T., hiding in their tool shed. Initially frightened, Elliott soon realizes that this creature is friendly and longs to go home.

E.T. and Elliott quickly form a deep bond, communicating with each other telepathically. Enlisting the help of Michael and Gertie, they decide to keep E.T. a secret, fearing that the government will take him away and subject him to experiments.

The children must help E.T. construct a makeshift communication device, allowing him to contact his ship and be rescued. Throughout their adventures, E.T. demonstrates miraculous abilities, such as healing wounds and reviving dying plants, captivating the children and viewers alike.

As the days pass, Elliott’s connection with E.T. grows stronger, and the alien begins to exhibit signs of illness. They soon discover that their lives are interconnected, and when E.T. experiences pain, Elliott feels it too.

Determined to save his new friend, Elliott takes risks, eluding the suspicious government agents who grow closer to discovering E.T.’s existence. In a thrilling climax, E.T.’s health deteriorates rapidly, leaving the children desperate to find a solution.

The climax takes place during Halloween, with the neighborhood bustling with costumed kids and visiting families. As Elliott and his friends attempt to sneak E.T. to the forest, they are pursued by the government agents.

The tension rises as they dodge authorities and navigate the dark streets, E.T.’s vital signs dwindling with every step. Finally, the children reach the forest, and Elliott tearfully says goodbye to E.T., who lays dying in their arms.

In a poignant, heartwarming moment, E.T. uses his healing abilities to revive Elliott, providing him with strength and hope. Gertie, desperate not to lose her newfound friend, pleads with E.T. to stay, but he explains that he must return home.

With their bond unbreakable, E.T. boards his spaceship and bids farewell to his Earth family. As the ship soars into the night sky, the children stand together in awe, forever changed by their encounter with the extraterrestrial.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a timeless tale of friendship and human connection that has captivated audiences for generations. Director Steven Spielberg masterfully combines elements of science fiction, adventure, family, and fantasy to create an emotional and unforgettable story.

The film explores themes of acceptance, resilience, and the power of love, reminding viewers of the profound impact that friendship can have on our lives. With its iconic imagery, unforgettable score, and heartfelt performances, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial continues to inspire wonder and evoke heartfelt emotions, making it an enduring classic in the realm of cinema.

6 Best Scenes from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

1. The first encounter between Elliott and E.T. in the shed:

In this pivotal scene, Elliott, a young boy, discovers the presence of a strange creature in their family shed.

As he cautiously approaches it, he realizes it’s a lost alien he names E.T. Fear transforms into curiosity as the two characters establish a bond. This moment is significant as it marks the beginning of a heartwarming friendship that drives the entire film.

The scene carries emotional weight as both Elliott and E.T. are outsiders seeking connection. By establishing a deep connection between a vulnerable child and a lost alien, the film explores themes of friendship, acceptance, and belonging.

This pivotal moment incites the plot progression as Elliott takes on the role of protector and confidant for E.T., leading to a series of adventures and ultimately a quest to reunite E.T. with his kind. Without this initial encounter, the emotional core of the film wouldn’t exist, and the subsequent events would lack meaning.

2. E.T. and Elliott flying on the bicycle across the moon:

In this iconic scene, E.T. uses his telekinetic powers to levitate Elliott and his bicycle, soaring them through the air against the backdrop of a full moon.

This visually stunning and exhilarating moment showcases the magic of their bond and the extraordinary abilities of E.T. The scene is a pivotal turning point as it solidifies the connection between the two characters and their shared experiences, deepening their bond. This moment also represents a culmination of themes present throughout the film.

It symbolizes the power of imagination, the capacity for wonder, and the intense connection between Elliott and E.T. Moreover, their flight captures a sense of liberation, breaking free from the constraints of the mundane world and embracing the extraordinary. This pivotal scene propels the plot forward by imbuing Elliott with a renewed determination to protect and assist E.T.


E.T.’s communication with the potted flowers:

In a tender and poignant scene, E.T. connects with a potted plant using his magical touch. As he uses his powers to heal the dying flowers, the scene highlights his ability to understand and communicate with all forms of life.

This significant moment underscores the film’s overarching themes of empathy and compassion. The scene’s impact on the plot progression lies in its revelation of E.T.’s extraordinary abilities and his deeper connection with the natural world.

It foreshadows his later healing of Elliott’s terminally ill mother and hints at the possibility of saving his own life. Moreover, this scene reinforces E.T.’s role as a transformative force, capable of bringing life and rejuvenation to anything he encounters.

Overall, these best moments from “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” encapsulate the film’s essence. Each scene serves as a pivotal moment, driving character development and evoking profound emotional connections.

Through friendship, wonder, and empathy, the film explores universal themes and celebrates the power of human connection in the face of extraordinary circumstances. 4.

The emotional farewell scene as E.T. prepares to go home:

In this poignant and heartbreaking scene, E.T. is about to leave Earth and return to his home planet. The characters, particularly Elliott and E.T., share a tearful farewell as they express their love and gratitude for each other.

This moment is significant as it explores the depth of the bond between human and alien, conveying the pain of separation and the beauty of unconditional friendship. The scene heightens the emotional stakes and propels the plot progression by presenting a moral dilemma for Elliott.

While he desperately wants to keep E.T. by his side, he ultimately understands that E.T. belongs with his own kind. This pivotal moment showcases the maturity and growth of Elliott’s character as he selflessly lets go of his closest friend for the greater good.

It also symbolizes a bittersweet moment of acceptance and resilience in the face of loss. 5.

E.T.’s revival and healing powers on Elliott:

In this transformative scene, E.T. uses his innate healing powers to revive and heal Elliott, who is near death after a government-induced separation from the alien. As E.T. lays his hands on Elliott’s chest, a surge of energy passes between them, resulting in a miraculous recovery.

This moment is significant as it underlines the extraordinary abilities of E.T. and reinforces the deep connection between him and Elliott. The scene’s impact on the plot progression is twofold.

Firstly, it serves as a turning point, revealing the film’s theme of compassion and illustrating the selflessness of E.T. in saving his friend’s life. Secondly, it provides a catalyst for Elliott’s determination to rescue E.T. from the clutches of the government, driving him to take bold risks and formulate a plan to ensure E.T.’s safety.

6. E.T.’s return to his spaceship and departure from Earth:

In this climactic scene, E.T. bids farewell to Elliott and the other human characters before entering his spaceship.

As Elliott cries out his final goodbye to his friend, E.T. illuminates with a radiant light and ascends into the sky, leaving Earth. This moment is significant as it concludes the narrative arc of the film and evokes a sense of hope, wonder, and exploration.

The scene’s impact on the plot progression lies in its resolution and closure. E.T.’s departure marks the fulfillment of his mission on Earth and his return to where he truly belongs.

It also signifies Elliott’s growth and acceptance, as he must let go of his closest companion and embrace the inevitable separation. The emotional weight of this pivotal scene lingers, leaving the audience with a sense of both loss and wonder, while also emphasizing the profound impact E.T.’s presence had on the human characters and their lives.

These three final pivotal scenes from “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” highlight the film’s themes of love, sacrifice, and the power of connection. Each moment carries emotional weight and fundamentally shapes the narrative, concluding the story of friendship and transformation in a way that is both resonant and thought-provoking.