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6 Best Moments from Despicable Me 3 Movie


Title: Despicable Me 3

Release Date: 15/06/2017

Genres: Action, Animation, Comedy, Family, Adventure


Despicable Me 3, the third installment in the wildly popular franchise, takes us back into the hilarious and heartwarming world of Gru, his lovable minions, and a whole new cast of characters. Directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda, the film delivers non-stop action, laugh-out-loud comedy, and heartwarming family moments.

The story begins with Gru, a reformed villain turned secret agent, and his wife Lucy Wilde adjusting to their new life as a married couple and adoptive parents to three girls: Margo, Edith, and Agnes. However, their peaceful life is disrupted when they are fired from their jobs at the Anti-Villain League (AVL) due to a failed mission.

Unemployed and unsure of their next move, Gru receives a surprise visit from his long-lost twin brother, Dru. The brothers couldn’t be more different while Gru is bald and serious, Dru has a full head of blond hair and a carefree spirit.

Dru reveals that their father was a legendary supervillain, which sparks a newfound desire in Gru to return to his villainous roots. As Gru and Dru bond and reconnect, they devise a plan to steal the world’s largest diamond from the notorious villain Balthazar Bratt.

Bratt, a former child star from the 80s, has turned to a life of crime, using his knowledge of pop culture to carry out his dastardly deeds. With their combined talents, Gru and Dru embark on a series of hilarious and daring heists, all while the minions add their own unpredictable chaos to the mix.

Meanwhile, Lucy struggles to find her place in the family and tries to connect with the girls. As Gru’s loyalties are tested, Lucy must step up and prove her worth not just as a mother but as an essential part of the family dynamic.

Despicable Me 3 is a visually stunning film set in a whimsical and vibrant world. From Gru’s iconic lab to the dazzling European cityscapes, the animation is captivating at every turn.

The film also pays homage to the 80s with its unique blend of retro music, fashion, and pop culture references, making it a nostalgic treat for viewers of all ages. The characters in Despicable Me 3 bring charm, wit, and heart to the story.

Gru, with his trademark accent and lovable flaws, continues to evolve as a character, learning important lessons about family and the true meaning of being a hero. Lucy, with her strong-willed determination and warm-heartedness, exemplifies the power of love and acceptance.

New characters, such as Dru and Balthazar Bratt, bring their own unique quirks and surprises. Dru’s infectious enthusiasm and childlike wonder add a fresh dynamic to the story, while Bratt’s over-the-top antics and hilarious references to 80s pop culture make him a captivating and memorable villain.

At its core, Despicable Me 3 explores themes of family, identity, and the choices we make. It reminds us that family is not limited to blood ties, but can also be found in unexpected places.

The film also teaches us the importance of embracing both our strengths and weaknesses, and the value of staying true to ourselves. In conclusion, Despicable Me 3 is a delightful and entertaining film that will leave audiences of all ages laughing, cheering, and feeling uplifted.

With its engaging story, lovable characters, and stunning animation, it is a must-watch for fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. Get ready to join Gru, his family, and those mischievously adorable minions on another unforgettable adventure.

6 Best Scenes from Despicable Me 3

1. Gru’s encounter with his long-lost twin brother, Dru:

In this pivotal scene, Gru, the reformed supervillain turned father, discovers that he has a twin brother named Dru.

The scene begins with Gru and his wife Lucy on a mission to confront the movie’s main villain, Balthazar Bratt. However, their plan is interrupted when they receive a letter from the Anti-Villain League (AVL) informing Gru of his unexpected sibling.

Curiosity gets the best of him, and Gru decides to meet his newfound brother. The significance of this scene lies in its impact on the film’s overall narrative structure.

Gru’s reunion with Dru serves as a turning point for his character development and the plot progression. It introduces the theme of family and explores Gru’s internal struggle between his villainous past and his desire to be a good role model for his daughters.

Through Dru, Gru is forced to confront his own identity and come to terms with who he truly is. 2.

The introduction of the villain, Balthazar Bratt, and his epic dance battle with Gru:

In this electrifying scene, the film introduces Balthazar Bratt, a former child star turned vengeful supervillain. The audience is transported back to the 1980s as Bratt showcases his eccentric personality and disco-inspired dance moves.

Meanwhile, Gru is determined to capture Bratt and save his reputation at the AVL. This scene is significant because it establishes Bratt as the film’s main antagonist and sets up the ongoing conflict between him and Gru.

The dance battle not only showcases Bratt’s unique fighting style but also highlights Gru’s resourcefulness and determination. It creates an entertaining clash between two contrasting characters and foreshadows the escalating rivalry throughout the movie.

3. The minions getting arrested and causing chaos in prison:

In this chaotic and hilarious scene, the beloved yellow minions find themselves in trouble once again.

After abandoning Gru, they are captured and sent to prison. Inside their new environment, the minions’ mischievous nature leads to complete pandemonium, as they disrupt the prison routine, causing havoc and even a full-blown revolt.

This scene is essential to the film’s humor and showcases the unruly and energetic nature of the minions. It serves as a comedic breather amidst the more serious plot developments, reminding the audience of the franchise’s signature humor.

Additionally, the minions’ antics in prison provide a break from the main storyline and offer moments of pure entertainment. 4.

Lucy and the girls helping Gru and his brother carry out a heist to steal a diamond:

In this pivotal scene, Gru, his twin brother Dru, and Lucy come together to execute a daring plan to steal a valuable diamond from Bratt’s fortress. Lucy, initially assigned to watch over the girls, insists on joining the operation, showcasing her own formidable skills and determination.

The family embarks on an action-packed adventure, facing various obstacles and using their unique abilities to navigate the treacherous fortress and reach the diamond. This scene is significant as it highlights the importance of family and teamwork in overcoming challenges.

Lucy’s decision to join the heist shows her growth as a mother figure, stepping out of her comfort zone to support Gru and strengthen their bond. The girls also contribute to the mission, demonstrating their resourcefulness and ability to adapt to unexpected situations.

The success of the heist not only moves the plot forward but also emphasizes the power of unity and trust within the family unit. 5.

Gru’s decision to return to being a villain to defeat Balthazar Bratt:

In this crucial moment, Gru faces a moral dilemma as he contemplates reverting to his villainous ways to defeat Bratt and protect his loved ones. Despite his desire to leave his past behind, Gru recognizes that his skills and experience as a former supervillain may be the key to stopping Bratt’s destructive plans.

Ultimately, he makes the difficult decision to embrace his dark side once again, determined to save the day. This scene is significant as it delves into the internal conflict of Gru’s character.

It explores the concept of redemption and the blurred lines between good and evil. Gru’s choice to temporarily go back to being a villain demonstrates his willingness to sacrifice his personal growth for the greater good.

It adds complexity to his character arc and raises questions about the nature of heroism and the choices individuals make in times of crisis. 6.

The heartwarming moment when Gru fully accepts Dru as his brother and they work together as a team:

In this touching scene, Gru and Dru realize the strength of their bond as brothers and unite to defeat Bratt. Gru embraces Dru’s enthusiasm for villainy and takes on the role of mentor, teaching him the tricks of the trade and guiding him in using their heritage for good.

They combine their unique skills and resources to devise a plan that will save their loved ones and triumph over Bratt. This scene is significant as it explores the theme of acceptance and the power of familial connection.

Gru’s unconditional love for Dru goes beyond their differences and past misunderstandings, fostering a union that is based on mutual respect and support. It showcases the transformative power of family relationships and highlights the theme of unity prevailing against adversity.

The heartwarming moment emphasizes the growth of both characters and their journey towards reconciliation and self-discovery.