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6 Best Moments from Below Her Mouth Movie


Title: Below Her Mouth

Release Date: 10/02/2017

Genres: Drama, Romance


“Below Her Mouth” is a captivating drama and romance film that delves into the complexities of forbidden love and self-discovery. Set in modern-day Toronto, the story revolves around two women, Jasmine and Dallas, who unexpectedly find themselves caught up in a passionate and transformative affair.

Jasmine is a successful fashion editor engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Rile. One fateful night, while celebrating her upcoming wedding, Jasmine ventures out to a local club with her friends.

It is here that she first encounters Dallas, a fearless and free-spirited roofer who is unafraid to embrace her own desires. Immediately drawn to each other, Jasmine and Dallas embark on a whirlwind affair that sends shockwaves through their lives.

As their connection deepens, they face both internal and external conflicts. Jasmine grapples with the guilt and confusion that comes with betraying her fianc, while Dallas struggles to trust and open herself up to the vulnerability of real love.

While exploring their own personal journeys, Jasmine and Dallas also navigate the expectations of society and their own identities. Housed within the film is a powerful statement about sexual empowerment and the exploration of one’s own desires.

Throughout “Below Her Mouth,” the audience is immersed in the visceral and electrifying chemistry between Jasmine and Dallas. The film beautifully captures their intimate moments, showcasing the intensity and tenderness between them.

Director April Mullen brings a refreshing and female-centered perspective to the story, allowing the audience to experience the passion and turmoil of these two women. As the relationship between Jasmine and Dallas intensifies, they both find themselves facing emotional consequences and difficult decisions.

They must confront their own fears and insecurities to determine what they truly want for their lives. Additionally, the film delves into the themes of personal freedom, self-acceptance, and authenticity.

The setting of Toronto serves as a backdrop for the story, adding a cosmopolitan and vibrant atmosphere to the narrative. The city’s diverse and multicultural environment mirrors the complexity and diversity of the characters’ emotions and experiences.

“Below Her Mouth” is a visually stunning film, with breathtaking cinematography that amplifies the emotional depth of the story. The intense performances by the two lead actresses, Erika Linder as Dallas and Natalie Krill as Jasmine, captivate the audience and make their chemistry palpable.

This provocative and thought-provoking film challenges societal norms and explores the intricacies of human connection. While maintaining the element of intrigue, “Below Her Mouth” provides viewers with an authentic and powerful portrayal of love, lust, and self-discovery.

In the end, “Below Her Mouth” is a deeply moving and empowering film that challenges conventional notions of relationships and sexuality. It will leave audiences questioning societal expectations and considering the power of pursuing one’s true desires.

6 Best Scenes from Below Her Mouth

1. Jasmine and Dallas meet for the first time at a nightclub:

In this pivotal scene, Jasmine, a successful fashion editor engaged to be married, ventures out to a nightclub in search of excitement and connection.

It is here that she crosses paths with Dallas, a confident and fearless roofer. Their eyes meet from across the room, sparking an immediate and undeniable attraction.

As they move closer to each other, the world around them seems to fade away, leaving only the pulsating energy between them. Their electrifying connection is palpable, and they are drawn together as if by some invisible force.

This scene is significant as it establishes the intense chemistry between Jasmine and Dallas, setting the stage for their forbidden love affair. It serves as a catalyst, propelling the plot forward as Jasmine’s life begins to unravel in the wake of this chance encounter.

2. Jasmine and Dallas share their first passionate and intimate moment:

In this emotionally charged scene, Jasmine and Dallas find themselves alone in a dimly lit bathroom.

The tension between them builds, and they cannot resist the magnetic pull drawing them together. As their bodies intertwine, their inhibitions melt away, and they surrender to their desires.

This moment is filled with raw passion and vulnerability, capturing the essence of their forbidden love. It signifies a turning point for both characters, as they willingly abandon their previous lives in pursuit of this intoxicating connection.

This scene is pivotal in the film as it solidifies the bond between Jasmine and Dallas, pushing the plot into a whirlwind of passion, secrecy, and self-discovery. It sets the stage for the challenges and sacrifices they will face as their affair becomes more complicated and dangerous.

3. Jasmine confronts her fianc, Rile, about her affair with Dallas:

In this emotionally charged confrontation, Jasmine musters up the strength to confront her fianc, Rile, about her affair with Dallas.

Filled with guilt and turmoil, Jasmine lays her heart bare, acknowledging her betrayal and the depth of her feelings for Dallas. Rile is distraught, grappling with the shock and pain of this revelation.

In this scene, the love triangle between Jasmine, Dallas, and Rile reaches its boiling point, forcing each character to face the consequences of their actions. It marks a significant turning point in the plot, as the delicate balance of Jasmine’s life is shattered, leaving her questioning her own desires and the societal expectations that have dictated her choices.

This scene resonates throughout the film, driving the characters to make difficult decisions and navigate the complex web of emotions that surround their entangled relationships. 4.

Dallas struggles with her inner conflicts and walks away from Jasmine:

In this emotionally charged scene, Dallas finds herself torn between her growing feelings for Jasmine and her fear of commitment. Faced with the reality of their forbidden relationship, Dallas is plagued by uncertainty and the weight of societal expectations.

Consumed by her inner conflicts, Dallas makes the heart-wrenching decision to walk away from Jasmine, believing it to be the best course of action to protect them both. This scene showcases Dallas’s vulnerability and her selfless act of sacrifice, as she chooses to prioritize their well-being over her own desires.

It serves as a pivotal moment in the film, adding a layer of complexity to their relationship and igniting a profound longing within Jasmine that propels the plot forward. 5.

Jasmine makes the decision to leave Rile and pursue a relationship with Dallas:

In this powerful scene, Jasmine reaches a breaking point and musters the courage to leave her fianc, Rile, behind. Faced with the undeniable intensity of her connection with Dallas, Jasmine realizes that she can no longer deny her own desires or conform to societal expectations.

With a newfound sense of freedom, she takes a leap of faith and makes the life-altering decision to pursue a relationship with Dallas. This scene marks a radical transformation for Jasmine as she embraces her authenticity and chooses love over the safety of her previous life.

It is a pivotal turning point in the film, as it sets the stage for the challenges and sacrifices that come with defying societal norms and pursuing a love deemed unconventional. 6.

Jasmine and Dallas share a powerful reunion and reaffirm their love for each other:

In this emotionally charged reunion, Jasmine and Dallas come face to face after a period of separation. Filled with longing and unresolved emotions, they embrace in a passionate and tender embrace, affirming their love and desire for each other.

This scene is marked by a profound sense of reconciliation and clarity, as Jasmine and Dallas confront the obstacles that have kept them apart. It serves as a cathartic moment in the film, offering a glimmer of hope and a sense of fulfillment for the characters.

It also signifies their unwavering commitment to each other and their determination to forge a path forward in the face of adversity. This scene carries significant weight in the narrative structure, as it ties together the complex threads of love, passion, and self-discovery that have woven throughout the film, offering a sense of closure and resolution for the characters.