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6 Best Moments from Annabelle Comes Home Movie


Title: Annabelle Comes Home

Release Date: 26/06/2019

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller


Annabelle Comes Home is a spine-chilling horror film that takes place in the haunting world of The Conjuring Universe. Directed by Gary Dauberman, the movie serves as the third installment in the Annabelle series, delving deep into the terrifying experiences surrounding the infamous Annabelle doll.

The story begins with Ed and Lorraine Warren, renowned paranormal investigators, bringing the possessed Annabelle doll to their home to lock it away securely in their artifact room. Fearing the doll’s dangerous powers and the evil spirits attached to it, the Warrens have fortified the room with multiple layers of protection to prevent any malevolent presence from taking control.

However, as fate would have it, the Warrens receive a call to investigate another case, leaving their ten-year-old daughter, Judy, in the care of a babysitter, Mary Ellen. Judy, though aware of her parents’ line of work, is cautioned to never enter the artifact room under any circumstances.

Naturally curious, she contemplates the mysterious world hidden behind the room’s closed door. One night, Mary Ellen’s friend, Daniela, arrives unexpectedly at the Warrens’ house, seeking forgiveness from her deceased father.

Severely haunted by her father’s death, Daniela believes that connecting with the supernatural will help her find closure. As she secretly enters the artifact room, all hell breaks loose.

Daniela unleashes the evil that resides within the room, awakening all the spirits attached to the cursed artifacts collected by the Warrens. The spirits, desperate for freedom, unleash their terrifying powers, turning the once peaceful house into a labyrinth of horror.

As the night progresses, the evil entities relentlessly torment Judy, Mary Ellen, and Daniela, using their fears against them. The trio embarks on a nightmarish journey to survive the onslaught of malevolent spirits.

They encounter various haunted artifacts, such as a bride with a murderous past, an evil black-lit room, and a possessed samurai armor. With each encounter, the horrors intensify, testing the characters’ courage and resilience.

As they struggle to escape from the clutches of these supernatural entities, the movie explores themes of grief, guilt, and the consequences of tampering with forces beyond human understanding. The characters come face to face with their own personal demons while confronting the literal demons that inhabit the house.

Annabelle Comes Home takes place primarily in the Warrens’ eerie and atmospheric home during the 1970s, providing a perfect backdrop for the horror unfolding within. The film is driven by tension and scares, expertly crafted to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Ultimately, the movie showcases the power of familial love and the bond between mother and daughter. Amidst the chaos and terror, the central characters must find the strength to overcome their fears and protect each other at all costs.

Annabelle Comes Home is another terrifying addition to The Conjuring Universe, with a compelling plot, memorable characters, and an abundance of hair-raising scares. It unveils a world where evil is always lurking, waiting for an opportunity to strike, and where the innocence of childhood clashes with the malevolence of the supernatural.

So, lock your doors, dim the lights, and prepare to embark on a heart-pounding journey into the realms of darkness.

6 Best Scenes from Annabelle Comes Home

1. The Warrens bringing Annabelle home and placing her in the artifact room:

In this pivotal scene, Ed and Lorraine Warren, renowned paranormal investigators, return home after retrieving the possessed doll, Annabelle, from a previous case.

They carefully carry her into their house and place her in the artifact room, a secure space filled with various haunted objects. As they lock the room, it becomes clear that Annabelle is a significant threat due to her supernatural powers.

This moment is crucial because it sets the stage for the entire film. Annabelle is established as a terrifying entity, and her presence in the Warrens’ home foreshadows the chaos that unfolds later.

Placing her in the artifact room establishes the confined nature of the upcoming horror, hinting at the dangers that will be unleashed once she is accidentally released. The artifact room becomes a central location, where various spirits reside, and it creates tension throughout the movie as the characters navigate through this dangerous environment.

2. Daniela, Mary Ellen, and Judy unknowingly releasing other evil spirits from the artifact room:

In this scene, Daniela, a troubled teenager, visits the Warrens’ house during their absence for a babysitting job.

Curiosity gets the better of her, and she sneaks into the artifact room to find answers about her deceased father. As she explores, she accidentally opens Annabelle’s case and unknowingly releases a multitude of malevolent spirits.

This moment is a turning point in the film as it unleashes chaos. Daniela’s actions set off a chain reaction, spreading fear and endangering the lives of everyone in the house.

These newly released spirits bring an intense sense of horror and unpredictability to the story. They possess various objects and creatures, terrorizing the characters and elevating the stakes of the plot.

This scene also serves as a catalyst for character development, forcing Daniela to come to terms with the consequences of her actions and face her deepest fears. 3.

The introduction of the Ferryman ghost, leading to a chase scene in the Warrens’ house:

In this climactic scene, the Warrens and the babysitters find themselves trapped in a terrifying game of hide-and-seek with the Ferryman ghost. As they desperately try to escape the haunted house, the Ferryman relentlessly pursues them, transforming the once-familiar surroundings into a nightmare.

This moment is crucial to the film’s climax and showcases the true horror and suspense of the narrative. The introduction of the Ferryman ghost adds a new layer of terror, with his ominous presence and eerie abilities.

The chase scene not only provides thrilling and heart-pounding moments but also forces the characters to confront their fears head-on and work together to survive. This scene highlights the resilience and bravery of the characters, while also demonstrating how their actions have consequences in the supernatural realm.

It serves as a climactic moment that propels the story towards its resolution and leaves the audience on the edge of their seats, eager to see how the characters will escape the clutches of the malevolent spirits. 4.

Bob, Judy’s father, being possessed by a demonic entity and attacking Judy:

In this chilling scene, Bob, the father of young Judy, falls victim to possession by a demonic entity. As the darkness takes hold of him, he undergoes a terrifying transformation and becomes a threat to his own daughter.

Judy, in a state of profound fear, must confront her possessed father, who relentlessly pursues her through the house. This scene is significant as it intensifies the danger faced by the characters and showcases the emotional depth of the story.

It highlights the vulnerability of Judy, who must summon every ounce of courage to overcome her terrifying situation. The possession of Bob adds complexity to the narrative, blurring the line between family and malevolence and deepening the psychological horror.

This pivotal moment sparks a profound shift in the film as the audience witnesses the devastating impact of the evil spirits on an innocent family, raising the stakes and amplifying the tension. 5.

Daniela going into the artifact room and making contact with her deceased father:

In this emotional and impactful scene, Daniela, driven by grief and curiosity, ventures into the artifact room to make contact with her deceased father. She conducts a seance, desperately seeking some form of closure and connection.

However, her actions inadvertently open a door to the spirit world, inviting supernatural entities to prey upon her vulnerabilities. This scene holds significant weight in the movie as it delves into the personal motivations and torments of Daniela.

It explores the power of grief and the lengths people will go to reestablish lost connections. Daniela’s decision to enter the artifact room ties her fate to that of the other characters, intertwining their paths and exposing them to unimaginable horrors.

Moreover, it serves as a catalyst for the escalation of paranormal activities, propelling the plot towards its climax. The scene also deepens the exploration of the characters’ emotional journeys, as Daniela struggles with guilt and remorse for her actions.

6. The climactic confrontation between the girls and the possessed Bob, ultimately defeating the evil spirits:

In this adrenaline-pumping scene, the girls, Daniela, Mary Ellen, and Judy, must band together to confront the possessed Bob and defeat the evil spirits that have terrorized them throughout the film.

With their lives hanging in the balance, they bravely face the darkness that has enveloped the house, armed only with their determination and ingenuity. This climactic moment holds immense significance as it culminates the suspenseful build-up and provides a resolution to the intense supernatural threats.

The girls’ united front embodies the strength of teamwork and resilience, encapsulating the film’s underlying themes of friendship and bravery. The confrontation not only brings closure to the characters but also solidifies their growth and transformation.

It marks a turning point in the plot and provides a satisfying conclusion to the narrative arc, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. Additionally, this scene reinforces the capacity of humanity to overcome the forces of evil, leaving a lasting impact on the audience and leaving them with a sense of triumph and relief.